What would I have done?

This past week I posted in The Morning Links a link to a story about a flash mob in Port Richmond. I was stunned at the viciousness of the attack and throughout the story could imagine if that were my husband and it was me with my two small children locked behind a door listening to him being beaten. What would I have done? What could I have done besides what Mrs. Lavelle did herself, by locking herself in a room to protect her children and endure the sounds of her husband’s horrifying assault? What adds a real creepy bonus to this is that it didn’t end there. The following day over two dozen of the same mob pulled up to his home and threatened him and his family, “They were yelling, ‘You white motherfucker! We know where you live now watch what happens if you go to court.’

This story got under my skin on that level but my outrage began to fester when I started searching for more details and found only a couple local stations had picked it up. This was not a small time incident. This was not a mugging. This was not even the flash mob attacks we’ve been seeing around the country where convenience stores are suddenly set upon. This was a home. This could have been my home or yours. The original story I linked to had one thing about it that would ensure it was ignored by the major media: the victims had been white.

This is no longer random crime or an anomaly. It’s happening nationwide. I am not dismissing violent acts committed against blacks, but in the last two years, the incidence of black and latino mobs lashing out violently against whites has increased to an almost weekly or daily event. Major media, police and city spokespeople seem to be writing it off as ‘cultural deterioration‘. In effect, both apologizing for the attackers and providing the mobs with someone to blame for their own actions; a popular political correctness tactic.  One headline that made me shake my head was on FOX news and it read “Questions Arise Over Whether ‘Flash Mob’ Attacks in U.S. Cities Motivated by Race.” The date of the story is August 10, 2011. Welcome to the news game, FOX –  Attacks of this nature have been going on for over two years.  I’ve been reporting these outbreaks as I come across them via my Morning Links. One place I look to for information is a site called ViolentFlashMobs.com and it has proven useful both for tracking the violence and following up on the lack of media attention. It’s more than likely this site is only getting a portion of events going on. Consider bookmarking the page and submitting stories you see to them.

The silence of these mobs from the Left side of the aisle is deafening. If they do acknowledge them, they label them ‘flash robberies‘ and omit the race of the mob and often the victims. No violence can exist under the ‘Great Uniter’, right? This is Obama’s ‘post-racial’ America after all. Well, we know can throw out the Department of Justice first. Eric Holder has made it clear that Hate crime legislation only applies to protecting  blacks. That leaves us with the big names in the black community. You know, the ones always crying racism if you look at them sideways? Where is the NAACP’s outrage and compassion now? Afterall, they have their man Sharpton on MSNBC now. Has he spoken about this? Nope. Has Jesse Jackson? Nope. What about our own President? Not a peep.  It’s not like these events are in a vacuum, some are too big to ignore. The incident with the most media on it recently occurred in Philadelphia. This mainly was due to the Mayor stepping up and addressing the city in a very blunt manner. He said what needed to be said and I admire and applaud him for standing up, leading and not mincing words about who is to blame, what needs to be done and that it needs to stop. He seems to be the only leader doing so.

The State Fair incident in Wisconsin got some airplay because it had been so widespread and there were so many people attacked that the news had to report on it.  It was an unprecedented attack launched by hundreds of black youths according to witnesses. We heard about that one, but did you hear about the riot in a Minneapolis mall the very next day? According to one article the police showed up in riot gear and the use of pepper spray was necessary. Is it any wonder when this was the environment of the ‘teen party’?

Did you see a story about the swarm of one hundred or so youths in NJ wielding bats in front of Ferris High school on September 12th? How about the men attacked by a group of youths in Denver? Denver had a busy night or so, since another group of about 15 youths beat a man unconscious over asking for a cigarette. How about the 50 or so involved in a melee in High Point, NC? Apparently in Greensboro, NC there has been a rash of large flash mob violence, vandalism and attacks — and it’s not random. It’s planned using twitter and Facebook, “Texts, Tweets and Facebook posts tell teens when to be at the park. Then, the violence begins.” Social media seems to be playing a role in much of these organized assaults and the targets are all white.

The media may not be making a big deal out of the increasing frequency and size of these attacks, but the public is very aware of them. Once again, social media and blogs playing a large role in disseminating the information we need to protect ourselves. I’ve compiled a small list of videos on the attacks that were picked up by some major media as well as local outlets and eyewitnesses. It can be viewed here. It’s wise to keep abreast of the news lest one become the topic of it.  I feel pretty sure there will be people reading this entry and slapping the racist label on me. Feel free, but truth has no race. As I stated earlier, I am in no way writing off the violence whites have committed on blacks in the past or current day, but that is not the focus of this article.

We all need to be aware of our surroundings and take the necessary precautions. Be prepared, especially if you live in an urban setting. What starts as a mob of fifteen or twenty teens can rapidly turn into a rampaging mob or full-blown riot.  What would I do? What would you do? Do you even have a plan if you are caught in a mobs or civil unrest situation? It’s a sad state of affairs and a harsh condemnation of the lack of leadership we have in this country that we have to consider this possibility. Guns aren’t for everyone but the sale of firearms and issuance of permits hit a new high in 2010. Seems a fair assumption to make that people are aware of the violence around them and are arming themselves.  Guns might not be for you, perhaps a taser is more your speed but one item we all should own in our homes is a sturdy bat.  It may be all that stands between our families and a mob like the one that attacked the Lavelle’s.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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