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Guess who introduced Obama at NC State today? ERV PORTMAN of WestStar Precision – the company Obama visited today which is the focus of this post. Portman got up there and stumped for Obama on jobs. What a hypocrite! This figures though, because Portman is an Obama donor and now has entered the Obama Crony Capitalism Family Fold.

Video is here, but you have to fast forward to the 1 hour mark since WRAL fails at editing. I sat through this speech and shook my head the whole time. Obama made promises about tax breaks for the average NC Family based on payroll tax cuts which undercuts funding of Social Security. The entire thing from start to finish is packed with lies, falsehoods and rhetoric. This was a campaign event without a doubt and we, the taxpayers, paid for it.


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I picked up on the where and who from Randy’s Right: Obama in Apex, NC on 9/14.

Let me say I am dreading this. It clogs the roads up, wastes time and costs the NC taxpayers money every time he comes here. Local news has this fluff piece which ignores any facts about WestStar. There’s another one here on ABC11 with a video. I wrote that Obama was here not too long ago visiting Cree, which garnered $39 Million in grants from the Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing program and which only created 244 jobs – of which we have no idea how many went to China. I also did a follow-up to that story which you can read here.

He’s visiting WestStar Precision. He’s billing WestStar as a small business that will get something out of his new ‘Jobs’ bill – which isn’t about jobs, it’s about more spending and tax hikes. Daily Caller reports on WestStar shipping jobs to their brand new plant in Costa Rica — hey, no wonder Obama likes them since they are creating no jobs here! What’s kind of funny is that apparently, one of the things they manufacture are aircraft interiors. We all know how Obama loves corporate jet owners.

A list of political donations from employees of WestStar is here. Surprise, the only ones listed are the owners (the Portmans)  and they were campaign contributors to Obama. A new crony capitalist is born! Ervin Portman is a brand new Democratic County Commissioner to boot. You can see Portman’s Commissioner profile here. He also has his very own website here. Check out his “issues” page where he says this, “Next time someone from Washington calls you up telling you who to put in Town Hall, respectfully ask them to call you back when they have fixed their issues in Washington.”  Oh, the Irony. Erv is also apparently chummy with the Sierra Club. He even showcases this video on his website under the experience tab where he gushes all over Elaine Marshall, of whose campaign he also contributed to in 2010 and who is an Obama girl through and through.

Obama is supposed to hit NC State after that. Good luck there, NC State isn’t known for liberalism.

Side note: Biden is coming the next day for a fundraiser at the home of former CEO of Burt’s Bees. Kinda funny how he lives in NC to avoid the high taxes in Vermont.

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