Religious Vetting: 2008 vs 2012

The Washington Examiner ran a story yesterday titled York: Left paints the campaign as a religious war.  As I mentioned in The Morning Links (9/2), I am following up with a post on this topic. I’ve been pretty aware of the Left and the MSM attempting to change the focus of Campaign 2012 back onto the GOP field versus Obama. You can’t really blame them for attempting some misdirection seeing as Obama has very little, if anything, positive to run on.  What I do assign blame to is their choice of misdirection currently underway, which is to attack religious belief. I find this to be both a hypocritical and fantastically stupid move to be trying to construct yet another ‘Right Wing Christian Extremist’ framework here.

Flashback to 2008 when the MSM slammed anyone questioning anything about Obama’s background.  God forbid (pun intended) that you suggest he was really a Muslim – despite the fact that only a year ago 20% of Americans believed it.  I would bet it is higher now. If you did make such a claim, you were likely labeled by the Left as one of those ‘Bitter Gun and Religion Clingers‘. When details of the church Pastored by Reverend Wright surfaced and proved rather ugly, those demanding an explanation were summarily dismissed and stamped with the racist label.  Obama himself claims at one point to have had no direction in his religious life, yet then spends 20 years listening to a man like Wright and professes himself as ‘always having been a Christian‘?   The hypocrisy is a little blinding when you factor in the lengths that were gone to and effort the DNC spent on courting the religious vote in order to close the ‘God Gap‘. Now bear those flip-flops in mind and look a these  attack stories showing up questioning how dangerous these GOP candidates are because they  are Christians that have a strong belief in God? Well of course, the Left is trying to Breivik-ize the candidates. Bashing Christians is low hanging fruit and it has not escaped the attention of the public that Democrats, especially under Obama, have been pandering at increasing levels to Muslims.  Apparently belief in a benevolent God is trumped by the belief in a God who wishes you to behead all non-believers.  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face, Lefties. Don’t even get me started on Media Matters and it’s love of jihadists and atheists – that’s an entire article unto itself.

To sum up, The MSM/Left are pretending like a candidate’s religious background or beliefs is suddenly of paramount importance and the GOP are representative of the coming of some kind of modern age crusade. This is going to blow up in your faces on an epic level.  Your failure to vet Obama on this front is going to come back to haunt you in big way. It’s no mistake that the symbol of the Republican Party is an Elephant. An Elephant never forgets and will won’t let your selective memories forget this one.

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