You Earn Liberty

I am fed up. I have had it. I am hopping mad and there is little anyone can say other than ‘Obama resigns’ that will alter my current temperament. I have listened to friends, family and the like on how it is our responsibility to pay for this program or that. I have listened to endless liberals yak on and on about how healthcare is a ‘human right’ and that it is the moral thing to. How is it moral to rob Peter to pay Paul? It is not. Not even, close. Liberals seem to think that it is the humane thing to do when it is really just the polar opposite. How does giving a person a set of crutches help someone who can walk on their own two feet? Quick reality check – there will always be sick and poor people. It is not the government’s job to take care of them. It is ours. We have lost a level of morality over the last 4-5 decades. I send thanks to FDR for that. It was his epic socialist wet dream, The New Deal, which sent us down this Socialistic path in the first place…but I digress.

Right about now, some left leaning person is reading this about to pee themselves wanting to label me evil and heartless. Hardly. This nation was forged by old-fashioned hard work and self-reliance, not some giant government vending machine popping out the ‘need du jour’ paid for by you and me. That mentality, that the government should make everything equal for everyone, is Socialism. It is un-American and if you concur with this ‘shared sacrifice’ bile that Obama is putting out in every speech he gives then perhaps you might want to consider relocating to Europe. I am certain you will find no job there but the government will put you up in state housing, give you state food, state healthcare (after you’ve waited several years in a queue) and even some walking around money. All of that hinges on whether or not you are put into the Muslim block of housing or not because then you will not be walking around for very long. Yeah, that’s freedom and liberty alright! Take a big whiff. What you smell there is economic slavery and it’s only fragrance Obama wants you to wear.

And another thing…I have had it with the Lefty media, the Liberals and with the Democrats and their terrorist lexicons. I bet half of them sit with a thesaurus out trying to find new and more insulting terms to slap on anyone who dares dissent. Do us a favor and quit the excessive hyperbole. Calling people terrorists, economic hijackers and racists is rich coming from the party who is with every dollar spent, is placing shackles on the people of this nation for generations to come.  Do not think I am leaving you out, Republicans. A lot of you are just as bad as some of them. You have sold out and become more worried about keeping your job than actually doing your job. Case in point, this debt deal you concocted was a travesty. If it were not for the Tea Party, you would not have even gotten what you did. Grow a damn spine, will ya?

To you, the reader who is unemployed through no fault of your own and would rather be at any job at all, even flipping burgers, than on unemployment – This next part is not about you. It is direct to all those people who have grown up (for a few generations now) on welfare, Medicaid and the endless list of Government freebies: Get up and get a God Damn job. McDonalds is hiring! What began as a hand up is now a socially entrenched required hand out; I love that mantra, “But, it’s my right”.  Oh, Hell no it is most definitely not. Let me let you in on a little secret…Life is not fair. Go ahead; redistribute that little nugget of wisdom wealth. If you have that one firmly under your belt, try this on for size: It is not the place of government to provide the people with every manner of good and/or service one might desire or need in daily life. It is the place of government to protect our nation so that we can earn it for ourselves.

You earn liberty. It is not just manufactured in China and slapped on an I-phone App store. Being a citizen means something in this country. What it means is a little different for each of us, but at the core are self-reliance, innovation and determination. It is that feeling you get in your chest when the Anthem is sung. It’s that righteous indignation you exude when someone attacks us or the cheers that erupt from us when our team wins the Gold. No matter who you are, there is that pride inside you. Pride in being an American. So it is up to each of us. Obama has put us on a collision course with disaster on that bullet train called Liberalism. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my own car, thanks.

I can see 2012 over my dashboard. If you can’t, then perhaps you need to change your view. Get out of the backseat and get into the drivers seat.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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