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These are the Morning Links for August 16, 2011    

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Obama Hates America:

  • Obama: I was reversing the recession until I hit ‘bad luck’. That’s funny, I didn’t know that was his nickname.
  • Hope and Change: A Tea Party Leader calls out Obama on his rhetoric at a Townhall. Video:Rhodes shouted out that the president’s calls for more civility in politics had little chance of coming to pass after “your vice president is calling people like me, a Tea Party member, a ‘terrorist.'”  Obama blew off the question at first then came back and said this, “In fairness, since I have been called a socialist who wasn’t born in this country, who is destroying America andtaking away its freedoms because I passed a health care bill, I am all for lowering the rhetoric.” Boo-Hoo! Fairness, right! I think maybe he’s getting the message we’re on to him. Heh. Video here of Obama being ridiculed while working the ropes and here of his ‘speech’ at this townhall — Get your Obama Speech Bingo Cards out!
  • Another Obama End-Run: “On Monday, the White House announced that it will start issuing waivers for states to avoid the onerous provisions of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The White House is making states sign on to Obama education policies in order to receive a waiver, completely bypassing Congress and the normal legislative process.”
  • No more economic daily briefings for Obama.
  • Just what we need: Obama mulling ‘Department of Jobs’.
  • You can’t just make money on SUVs and trucks,” Obama said during a town hall forum in Cannon Falls, Minn.  -That’s funny, I thought those were the biggest sellers. More here.
  • Here’s one more thing Barry can blame on Bush.
  • Now he’s comparing himself to Lincoln: Lincoln — they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me. So democracy has never been for the faint of heart.” Pardon me while I puke.
  • 16,000 more jobs lost to China.

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

  • ROPAT = The Religion Of Peace And Tolerance…and a growing stack of bodies.
  • Renewed calls for attacks on 9/11 Anniversary.
  • KY: The FBI has made an arrest in connection with the case involving a teen who was trapped inside her Sydney, Australia home with a fake collar bomb on Aug. 3 in Louisville, KY.
  • NC: 5 NC Jihadis Pleaded Not Guilty To 2009 Terrorism Charges; trial will start next month.
  • CAIR: Dictating to the CIA who can be trainers and who cannot.
  • Scotland: A brute who murdered a grandmother has converted to Islam behind bars – so he can avoid work.
  • Iraq: Islamophobic right-wing extremists Islamic jihadists murder 63 in bombings across Iraq.

Legal Eagles:

Your morning laugh, or cry, depending on how you see it:

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