US ‘Day of Rage’ Planned for September 17 By Marxists and Anarchists | The Lonely Conservative




US ‘Day of Rage’ Planned for September 17 By Marxists and Anarchists | The Lonely Conservative.

From The Lonely Conservative:

The following is a post from Gulag Bound which the author asked other bloggers to share in its entirety. Since the post went up the site was taken down, but Maggie’s Notebook, Trevour Loudon’s New Zeal and Noisy Room all have it posted. Feel free to copy and post it at your own blog to help spread the word.


We at posted a breaking story of the planned “Day of Rage” for “17/9/2011″ and ensuing “Occupy Wall Street” campaign. This includes those who have been pushing globalist revolution where we have been seeing it this year. The story we broke includes informed and very pointed analysis.

Immediately, was hit and we are down. (This is the second time such an expose’ of “Anonymous” as being tools of the globalist, neo-Marxist movement brought on an attack.) You will be able to see why they didn’t like it. It was published here:

They link to Lulzsec and AnonymousIRC, among other “comrades” and we did too.

That story is now being published at

…and and at You should be able to find it there, at least if you hurry.

Our request: please take that story, copy it in its entirety, repost and report on this attack, at your own venue. They won’t tread on us, if you do not let them.

Live Sovereign or…
We are Gulag Bound
Arlen Williams

We thought this would be happening, now didn’t we.

A movement is suddenly springing up from nowhere (ah-huh) to take on the free enterprise, “capitalist” system. In America, they are especially targeting Wall Street, a place still somewhat constitutionally sovereign to the U.S.A. and not thoroughly controlled yet by authoritarian global collectivism.

That is a Wall Street which has already been damaged by the Cloward-Piven orchestrated mortgage meltdown and stemming from that was assailed by the protorevolutionary Obama-Peloisi-Reid government, which brought boa constrictor regulation — by “reform” with loopholes wide enough to fit Brinks trucks for large and coordinated hedge fund manipulators, and which shielded a Securities & Exchange Commission gone dark from the kinds of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries that uncovered Bernie Madoff. Cloward-Piven government, indeed.

A “U.S. Day of Rage” is scheduled to start an “Occupy Wall Street” camp-out on “17/9/2011″ (which would denote orchestration by those who use the British means of writing dates). And as with the “Arab Spring,” much of the organizing is being done through social media, especially super-popular Facebook and Twitter.

Immediately upon clicking links, one finds it to be the America-targeting element of a worldwide movement, especially popular by the looks of it, in Old Europe. Again, that is no surprise to those who have looked into the updated mode of Marxist revolution stemming from the Gramsci and Trotsky schools and historically, even the days before Marx and Engels. Revolutionary proponents likes to hide behind the non-American ideal of democracy (as in permanent rule of the proletariat majority, forget about a republic) along with nebulous and mysterious anarchistic labelling.

From the U.S. Day of Rage “About” page:

Our Partners

The term “Day(s) of Rage” is the product of Chicago’s Weathermen, led by Obama workmate Bill Ayers and cohabitants.

This Day of Rage speaks of non-violence, yet plays up the violent terrorism of the current rioting proceeding in Great Britain.

This entry in will be updated, so we may bring you the news immediately and fill it out as we go.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  2. All,

    About being down right after posting this article:

    After hours of trying, today, I was finally able to reach the server hosting company and they are told there was a power outage, wild timing.

    I was on my ear, since got hit with an actual DoS attack toward the end of 2010, right after we posted an article profiling WikiLeaks (and Anonymous and related) as seeming to be tools of what has been described as “the coming insurrection,” So, “fool me once, shame on me,” then one must be careful not to get fooled in the other direction, when the server goes down within minutes of linking, with further analysis to such as these and Lulzsec.

    Look at the duplicity of their “non-violent” stance (while they boldly list their partner to be European Revolution, which graphically celebrates the current terrorism in the UK).

    There is more to relate, once the Gulag is stable.

    Live Sovereign…
    Arlen Williams
    Gulag Bound


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