The Morning Links (8/9)

These are the Morning Links for August 9, 2011    

The Lady’s Picks:

The London Riots continue – and it’s spreading.

Obama Hates America:

  • 635 point loss. Barry holds presser where he was 50 minutes late, takes no responsibility, tells us the wealthy have to pay more and says he needs more time then walks out, refusing questions. Coward. Basically the same speech he’s given every week for the last two months. The Lonely Conservative was watching it tank as Obama yapped just like I was.
  • Soros reportedly made $10 Billion on downgrade. BECK WAS RIGHT.
  • Obama in Presser: It was the fault of ‘wrangling‘. Obama at Fundraiser: It’s all Bush’s fault…Europe too.
  • NRO: It’s laugh-out-loud funny to hear the Obama administration’s all out assault on S&P’s math skills. Related: Not So Funny – Soros Rumored To Be Investor Who Made $1 Billion On Trade U.S. Credit Rating Would Be Downgraded.
  • Don’t worry “The US will always be a AAA economy“, it just doesn’t have a AAA government.  Yeah right. Moody’s is wagging it’s finger at us now as well.
  • “Over just four days, the debt had jumped $242.155 billion.”  Related: White House Announces $105 Million More in Aid to Horn of Africa
  • Get your 50k Pigford Settlement check here.
  • Christine Romer: We’re Pretty Darn F’ked.
  • The Telegraph: The stunning decline of Barack Obama 2011 edition: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency continues to melt down
  • Obama Approval Rating Pop Quiz.
  • Scariest thing I’ve heard so far during this debt debacle.
  • Hillary told you so: “As Democratic disgust with Obama’s debt fumbling spreads, Clinton supporters recall her ‘3 a.m. phone call’ warnings—and angry, frustrated liberals are muttering that she should mount a 2012 challenge.” Also this, ““If I heard it once this last week, I heard it a thousand times: You were duped by Obama’s rhetoric—the whole ‘hopey-changey’ thing. And you wanted to be part of history, too—to help break down the ultimate racial barrier. That’s OK. We were all young once.”  My favorite: “Obama has no spine and no balls,” said a 67-year-old New Yorker. – Well, that would explain his pathetic pitching. Read the whole thing.

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

  • ROPAT = The Religion Of Peace And Tolerance…and a growing stack of bodies.
  • FL: Tampa Police crime scene tech now admits “fear of Muslim reprisal” in honor killing classified as accidental death.
  • GA: Fight against Mosque expansion again.
  • BOOKMARK ALERT – Wafa Sultan:  “Moderate Islam” is a politically correct term invented by the rest – there are no radicals. The problem is Islam.

Legal Eagles:

  • Fast & Furious Update: DEA now linked to F & F.
  • WI Recalls: ‘National and state liberal groups, led primarily by public employee labor unions, have pumped well in excess of $14,000,000 into the Wisconsin state senate recall elections, six of which will take place today.’ Good. That’s $14,000,000 less that they can pump into anything else in 2012.
  • Issa subpoenas NLRB.

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:

What happened to those of us watching Obama’s statement on the downgrade yesterday – click HERE.

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