The Morning Links (8/4)

These are the Morning Links for August 4, 2011    

The Lady’s Picks:

  • Chinese Govt Downgrades US Debt.  We had a debt deal in place but it’s fooling no one. No real cuts are in it, just slow downs which as we all know will have little effect on Obama. He finds a way to spend no matter what. I predict within two years we are Greece. Also, America is Too Socialist.
  • It’s a Necessity: To have a cell phone. No, it’s not and this is the cherry on the Entitlement Crap sundae the Dems keep shoving down our throats. Food is a necessity, a cell phone is a luxury.
  • Nick Gillespie has a bone to pick with Lawrence O’Donnell and Matt Damon, “Or maybe, like Matt Damon, a truly gifted actor who is totally untroubled by the basic facts when it comes to questions of teacher compensation, O’Donnell will elect to live exclusively in a world of his own making.” Read the whole thing.
  • Terrorizing the Progressive Narrative: “The liberal penchant for referring to everything but terrorism as terrorism continues to mystify. And their blind spot for the common thread in real terrorism is dangerous.” YES.
  • Begun the drone wars have.
  • Taranto: ‘Civility’: The Denouement – The liberal elite grows even angrier and more desperate. “”Terrorist,” “racist,” “uncivil,” “insane,” the list goes on–in this context, these words have no real meaning. They are mere epithets. The Obama presidency has reduced the liberal left to an apoplectic rage.”
  • Al Gore: Let’s have an ‘American Spring’.  Read the whole quote.
  • The Lemonade Stand War.
  • Detroit Human Services Dept uses money meant for the poor to re-furnish their offices.
  • YidwithLid: Will the last person to leave NY State PLEASE  turn out the lights? Much like it’s Nanny State twin, California, NY is seeing people flee in record numbers. High taxes, over-regulation and an excess of government noses in every aspect of your business might have something to do with that.
  • Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: “We’ve really begun to turn the economy around.” No, that is not an old story being re-run. She said it again. Pivot to this, you moronic parrot with a bad perm.
  • FAA & TSA keeping us unsafe: 27 pilot licenses issues to persons with terrorist links. By all means, keep patting down 90 year-old cancer patients and toddlers though.

Obama Hates America:

The 35k a Plate Birthday Party:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

  • ROPAT = The Religion Of Peace And Tolerance…and a growing stack of bodies.
  • Tariq Ramadan, Grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood: “It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing the United States of America.” Read more here.
  • Indonesia: Muslims torch two churches.
  • Hillary Clinton, Dhimmi of State: Creeping Sharia summarizes, “In other words, the OIC is attempting to extinguish the democratic opposition to the end of Western civ — in itself what the OIC might someday call ” defamatory democracy.” And Hillary it seems, has decided to help.” Read the whole thing.
  • Flight 93 Memorial – another Islamic Victory Symbol.
  • Italy: Burqa Ban approved.
  • Obsessed much? Little Green Footballs founder Charles Johnson has written 10 hit pieces on Pamela Geller since the Oslo terror attacks. My own opinion of Chuck is that he’s suffering a rare form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that comes from living in one’s parents basement for too long.

Legal Eagles:

  • DOJ actually catches some bad guys – biggest sting of child porn to date.
  • The Air Force has suspended a course that was taught by chaplains for more than 20 years because the material included Bible passages. The complaint was filed by Military Religious Freedom Foundation saying it violates separation of Church and State. Apparently it just recently violated this since it’s been taught for over 20 years.
  • CDC takes steps to force Hospitals to promote breastfeeding only. Can’t wait to see the lawsuits this will spurn. I personally had an emergency C-section and my milk didn’t come in until a week later, my kid had to have formula. “Hospitals will stop distributing formula samples to breastfeeding mothers and they will work with community organizations and healthcare providers to create networks that provide home or clinic-based breastfeeding support for every newborn. Those that don’t currently support breastfeeding will partner with “baby-friendly” hospitals to learn how to improve maternity care. “
  • “A prosecutor in Alabama’s gambling corruption trial told jurors Wednesday that the defendants offered money for votes to pass pro-gambling legislation because electronic bingo machines were making millions of dollars and they didn’t want to lose their gravy train.”

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:

iOwnTheWorld: Lifeless… Like Doll’s Eyes

Legal Insurrection: Debt Ceiling Tweet of the day.

The Onion: Drunken Bernanke tells neighbors how screwed we are.

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