The Morning Links (8/1)

These are the Morning Links for August 1, 2011    

The Lady’s Picks:

Pefection. Image from Atlas Shrugs

The Debt Deal:

Fact Sheet at WSJ. Text of Obama’s press conference announcing the deal is here. More of the same in the speech – class warfare, scolding and calling this a ‘balanced approach’. Outline of Boehner plan is here. Boehner laying out the plan reached last night here. I said that Mr. Liberty thought Boehner would win and he basically did. This is his plan, just spread out over longer terms.

  • Only $1 trillion in initial spending cuts over 10 years with a Bipartisan group tasked to find $1.5 more in cuts, again spread out over 10 years, by November 2011 according to the fact sheet. Congress must vote on the group’s additional proposed. Looks like Boehner almost got his $3 trillion? It’s not $4 trillion and it’s not even a full half a trillion more than the increase being allowed. This President racked up 3 times this in debt in two years.
  • $2.1 trillion limit in debt ceiling – eliminates need to raise it until 2013. Takes it out of his hands this term, let’s hope Obama doesn’t get a second one. This is a bit insulting though, it’s the largest debt ceiling increase ever if I am not mistaken. It does say that before debt ceiling can be raised, Congress and the president must enact spending cuts of a larger amount first. Well, it doesn’t look like the initial cuts and Nov. 2011 cuts are following that pattern?
  • Obama got his ‘Enforcement Mechanism‘.  “If Committee fails, enforcement mechanism will trigger spending reductions beginning in 2013 – split 50/50 between domestic and defense spending. Enforcement protects Social Security, Medicare beneficiaries, and low-income programs from any cuts.” Right, they can’t agree on cuts now, what makes you think a smaller version of Congress will later? They won’t – sequestration will have to kick in. It will make cuts none of them want to take responsibility for and Obama can come out with no mud on his shoes because he can blame it on ‘the mechanism’. Once again, Obama fobs his own job off on Congress No budget, cuts or plan from him; he makes them do it for him yet again. What a joke this President is.
  • No tax hike. The only real win out of this is Obama didn’t get to mug the ‘wealthy’ with new taxes.

The Left and MSM are of course, freaking out and the hyperbole is flying:

NY TIMES: “Nearly Complete Capitulation To The Hostage-Taking Demands Of Republican Extremists” Gee, what media bias? Krugman, ‘The President Surrenders“.  He would actually have had to be in the fight to surrender, Krugman.

The Huffington Post’s front page headline size says it all:

Oh the horror?


WaPo: Capitulation or Cagey Move? Obama’s a chump and this entire series of talks he ‘excused’ himself from via storming out and/or insulting people proved it.


Obama Hates America:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

Legal Eagles:

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:

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