The Morning Links (7/27)

These are the Morning Links for July 27, 2011    

The Lady’s Picks:

Obama Hates America:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

  • ROPAT = The Religion Of Peace And Tolerance…and a growing stack of bodies.
  • Egypt: Ibrahim of the Muslim Brotherhood, ‘Impose Islam, step by step’, but let’s blame conservative bloggers and Christians for good measure.
  • Finland: Islamic Terror group tells Russia to expect a ‘year of blood and tears’, but let’s blame conservative bloggers and Christians for good measure.
  • Somalia: This is an amazing example of Islamic Tolerance.
  • Norway: Norway’s Ambassador to Israel: Murdering Norwegians Bad, Murdering Israelis Good…but let’s blame conservative bloggers and Christians for good measure.
  • Lebanon: Bomb wounds six UN Peacekeepers, but let’s blame conservative bloggers and Christians for good measure.
  • Libya: Libyan state television has broadcast pictures of the Lockerbie bomber at a pro-regime rally. THANKS OBAMA for getting that mass murderer released.
  • Twitter: CAIR is now posting ‘Incitement Watch’ links; stories on people they claim are inciting Islamophobia. This is Victimhood Propaganda, people.

Legal Eagles:

  • Fast and Furious Updates: 4 Agencies implicated in Gunwalker.
  • GZ Cross: Um, it’s a Memorial for the dead, you jackwagons. My conversatin with an Atheist – Atheists: I don’t believe in God and therefore you can’t have any symbols of God anywhere that might offend me. Me: Your logic is circular; if you don’t believe in God, why do you care if I do? Get over yourselves. It’s not Freedom FROM religion, it’s freedom OF religion.
  • Liberal as the come, Goodwin Liu, nominated for CA Supreme Court. If he makes it on, get ready for all kinds of stomach turning decisions.
  • Blago wants a new trial citing ‘Judicial Bias’. Dude, give it up.
  • Republican lawmakers failed Tuesday to override a veto by Gov. Beverly Perdue that would have required voters to show photo identification before casting an in-person ballot.” DAMN. Looks like the dead and illegals will be able to vote again in 2012.
  • Voter Fraud: “The plea offer made to McInerney, a Democrat, is based, in part, on information compiled by State Police showing McInerney may have helped forge absentee ballots in previous campaigns dating to at least 2007.” Gee, if only they had Voter ID laws…
  • Remember the Mexican Teen Assassin story from last Fall? Well he was sentenced today to 3 years for his part in for organized crime, homicide (4 counts), kidnapping, and drug and weapons possession.

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:

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