Terrorism In Norway

By now most people know that on Friday afternoon, Oslo, Norway was rocked by a car bomb outside government offices.  Not long after the initial bomb, another one seemed to go off on a rooftop of a nearby building.

Within an hour of the bombings, reports came from a small island just outside Oslo called Utoya, that a man dressed as a policeman had opened fire at a youth camp there. Death toll numbers vary from source to source but it looks to have been a slaughter with many children dead – some in the water trying to swim for their lives.

The camp was a political summer youth group. The man responsible has been apprehended and is a Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik.

The media spin I have seen ranges from one side of the spectrum to the other; Islamic terrorism to Homegrown Terrorism. No matter how you dice it, this seems pretty clearly like terrorism.

The media are of course backtracking from their Islamic Jihad pronouncements that came early on. The Left media is jumping on this as a Timothy McVeigh situation; reports are that his Facebook Page listed him as a ‘Conservative’ and a ‘Christian’ – but those additions (screenshots here) were made yesterday after his name was released and would have been in custody. Maybe the whole page of his was a fake? Who knows. Too early to tell anything for sure.

The MSM is running headlines about the ‘Right-Wing extremist‘ and already is comparing him to the Tea Party. I don’t think many of these news outlets really understand what ‘Right Wing’ means in Norway in terms of politics though. Comparing their parties is kind of like comparing chocolate chip cookies – some just have more chips.

The media are obviously latching on to the Progress Party’s core values, which many Libertarians and Tea Party groups share. What sickens me is the zeal with which the news is reporting this incident. It’s like the MSM had been waiting for this moment since 9/11 with pens poised, desperate for someone besides a Muslim to attack so they could point to the rest of us and say, ‘See!! a Unicorn!’.

Pardon my crassness, but the Religion of Pieces has added 17,474 bodies that we know of, as of the posting of this article, to its name since 9/11. Islam has accounted for more atrocities, deaths, and restrictions of freedom and liberty than any other group or religion in history. Anyone telling you this incident in Norway is proof of a widespread ‘Right Wing Conspiracy’ needs their head examined.

The bias is already being laid on thick. CAIR is already playing their victim card. Interesting that CAIR is tweeting he was ‘deeply involved’ in ‘Counter-Jihad’ when little to nothing has been found on this guy on the internet besides a few website comments, none of which were particularly inflammatory.

His Facebook page was either deleted or deactivated as you can no longer access it, by the way. I wouldn’t jump on the McVeigh conclusion just yet, however, the mode and government frustration theme is there. Could be more like Jared Lee Loughner had he used a car bomb, but his comments found on a website he frequented are very cogent suggesting he was possibly a disgruntled Liberal Progressive Nationalist.

Something here just doesn’t add up though. This guy, Breivik, chooses now to do this? Conveniently done right after threats predicting an attack like this from the followers of the Islamic cleric of whom charges were recently filed against? Why kill the kids in Utoya? If his beef is that multiculturalism is killing Norway (and Europe) and wants more attention paid to the Islamization now in progress there, why hit the Centrist Governing party? Why not go after one of the more Left-leaning groups? The Government was making headway in immigration reforms and the recent suit filed against an Islamic Cleric there had just taken place. Also, if his goal is to stop Islamization, why didn’t he just sit back and let the Helpers of Global Jihad take the responsibility?

Weasel Zippers has info on his alleged video Manifesto. Zero Hedge has the 1,500-page document. As it is that long, I have not gotten through all of it yet. What I have read isn’t crazy incoherent babble, but a well-formed series of arguments based in the main tenet of Cultural Marxism.

Zero Hedge said they won’t read it, but I think people should. What this guy did was horrific but some of his ideas (with regard to Islam) are not and are in fact being played out across Europe – and now in the United States. Maybe it can shed some light.

YouTube took it down but apparently, someone else snagged the video and reposted it (Below) bear in mind, a lot of the text is hard to read unless you go full screen and pause now and again. Also, we have no idea of the authenticity of this video or the document he allegedly had written of actually being made by Breivik — we just know what the ‘news’ is reporting, or not reporting.

Video BreakDown:

  • It would appear he believes that multiculturalism has failed and is inherently an evil – I actually agree there, it has failed and we now are seeing the chaos it had brought across much of Europe. He’s right on this account, it has failed – violently in many cases.
  • He singles out Obama in Strategy #3 around the 2:21 mark; this is not a new idea about Obama but yet I am sure the MSM will blame Palin for it. This seems off from his opinions of Obama he posted in the online forum links that were dug up.
  • His main theme is the outlining of ‘Cultural Marxism’ and would seem to equate himself and like-minded thinkers with a modern version of the Knights Templar; Crusaders.
  • He blames political correctness (and he’s right there) for the mounting pressure to bow to multiculturalism or be persecuted as a racist, bigot or the like. Sound familiar?
  • At the 9:46 mark, a cartoon graphic that depicts Liberty with a gun in its mouth that has Liberalism written right on it. This vividly illustrates his beliefs that Liberalism and Political Correctness is killing Liberty.
  • At the 12:02 mark we see how he views himself as a warrior. A modern crusader with three images of himself. One in what appears to be Norwegian traditional garb, one in military attire and one in a wetsuit holding a high-powered rifle.

My Take on the Video:

Unlike Loughner’s ramblings and incoherent postings, Breivik’s are very well laid out and accurate.  He knew exactly what he was doing, planned it out in advance and executed it. He lays it out that he thinks there was a turning point when Europe and other areas of the world surrendered to political correctness and stopped fighting – stopped crusading. National identities, traditions and cultures began to erode, again under the pressure of his termed ‘Cultural Marxism’. He implies that Europe requires new Crusaders and in order to create them there must be martyrs.  He clearly feels Islam is at war with the rest of the world; Submit or perish. His attacks which I think were meant to send a message to the rest of Europe to wake up and defend itself, ironically, seems to be gagging on political correctness.

Three possible scenarios come to mind:

  1.  He indeed acted alone and was using the recent Muslim shenanigans as a prop to justify what he did because he wants to send a message to the government. It’s clear he was not exactly happy with the current immigration policies of Norway – specifically with Muslims as we saw from his manifesto video. His Twitter account quote from British philosopher John Stuart Mill lends itself to this Lone Wolf type option:  “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests.” The police are investigating if he is part of a larger group, however.
  2. He is a convert taking the fall for the possible purpose of turning this into a victim story for Islam. The added bonus was all the infidels that were killed. This option would account for the claims of responsibility that were quickly retracted once Breivik was taken into custody alive. It still leaves me with the big question as to why the Helpers of Global Jihad would claim responsibility and then retract that claim? How many times do you ever see that happen?
  3. He’s a guy who snapped and instead of debate, decided on murder.

Photo by Associated Press – Click Image for Slide Show

Speculation is what we have for now. What truly motivated this guy may only be known by him but we’ll see what comes out of Oslo. Maybe he’s nuts or maybe he had something traumatic happen to him in the last year that set him off. Like I said, speculation.

Below is a list of various sites keeping track of this story. I’ve categorized them a bit and hope they are useful. Regardless of what we read or think about this or who we try to blame for the actions of this man, I would ask anyone reading this entry to please think of the families suffering in Norway. A kind word, thought or prayer is not just recommended, but I would argue imperative.

Sites Updating The Story:

Sites with Images and Video:

Sites with Stories about Helpers of Global Jihad:

Sites with Stories about Breivik:

Sites with Stories coming out of Utoya:

UPDATE 11:49 AM: Police in Norway have arrested six more people in connection with Friday’s twin terror attack which killed at least 92 people.  Read more: http://www.breakingnews.ie/archives/2011/0724/world/norwegian-police-arrest-six-in-oslo-raids-514019.html#ixzz1T2RMqlEr

Statement from the Prime Minister of Norway is here.

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