Why Are Dem Women Racist Man Haters?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has built quite a reputation for herself in the last year or so for having one of the biggest yaps in town and no shortage for the need for mint flavored shoes.  She’s dogged Allen West for some time now and her latest stunt on the House Floor prompted Mr. West to say, ‘enough is enough’ and hit back.

Cue the raving Women’s caucus crying about how West needs to apologize and is a big meanie.. wah wah waaaaah. Really ladies? Where were you when the MSM and characters like Bill Maher were beating up on Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin? Where were you when Alan Grayson was taking pot shots at any GOP member that moved with language that would make a sailor turn red? Your phony outrage is just that, phony.

Wasserman Schultz knows Allen West is enormously popular – not to mention well spoken, intelligent and handsome –  and thus we have her little tantrum on the House floor.  She was out of line and she knows it. You know it too. Folks around the country know his name and they like him. A lot. This scares the pantsuits off you ladies, doesn’t it? A Conservative Black man who stands his ground, calls it like he sees it and sticks to his guns — and people love him for it.

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Lois Frankel, his Dem opponent come 2012 knows it too and has been needling and trying every angle she can to disparage him. Just look at the site she has set up (above) with the web address being WestHatesWomen.com?? She even advocates donating to a domestic violence group to ‘fight back’ against Mr. West, insinuating he is violent towards women.  

Well, this entire charade of Ms. Frankel’s does not sit well with me, so I took a moment to email Ms. Frankel with my thoughts (below), you can as well, but you can also ‘fight back’ by donating to Allen West’s 2012 campaign.

Shame on You.

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