Where For Art Thou, Food Desert?

The First Lady, or First Hamburglar as I call her, has re-started the engine on her Social Justice Foodmobile again. She’s back in search of partners to help her wipe out ‘Food Deserts’ – a concept I maintain is made up. Food Deserts, the First Hamburglar claims, are regions where no fresh produce, fruit or decent quality groceries can be found. She apparently wasn’t too concerned with Food Deserts on her vay-cay to Africa as she cued up for Fat Cakes and French Fries. Really, what is it with her and her husband trying to shove vegetables up our collective rear ends? He wants us to eat our peas and she tells us to eat our veggies while she laughs about how much she likes to munch out on French Fries?

I also find this Food Desert thing kind of odd. It’s targeting regions where families and kids live who apparently don’t have enough ‘good food’ to eat, but yet she’s also heading up Let’s Move which targets Childhood Obesity. So are we all starving or are we all fat? Possibly we’re all fat because we’re just lazy and the drive through is way easier? Maybe we just don’t want a salad? Maybe someone should alert all the realtors to this alarming food desert problem. Surely access to groceries is a priority when selecting where one wants to live.  That concept of criteria for living where one does got me thinking. Exactly where are these mysterious Food Deserts? I get the sense with the whole Food Desert thing akin to that of watching that show on Animal Planet-  trekking through the wilderness in the Northwest in search of Bigfoot. Well apparently the USDA has the answer with their handy-dandy ‘Food Desert Locator‘. Yep! You know what? These food deserts seem to be exactly where you think they’d be — in minimally populated areas of the country. Well Hells Bells! Get some boots on the ground in these Deserts already! This is a shovel ready job if I ever saw one — even if it is shoveling bull crap.

Exactly where are these Food Deserts? Not In Chicago...

I’ve stated my opinion on her fabled ‘Food Deserts, her meddling into our bellies, restaurants and pantries and the great offense I take at her intrusion into our personal lives and parenting before in my article Battle For Your Bulge. All of this can’t be weighing on your mind so heavily if you’re  hitting the Shake Shack for 1,500+ calorie lunches complete with that diet soda to rationalize the whole affair. I don’t have a lot more to add except to tell Mrs. Obama — Give it up already, sister! We’ve had it with your ‘do as I say not as I do‘ hypocrisy.

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