Sharia: No Longer Creeping

In the last month several stories have come out of the UK detailing the crisis going on in a borough of London known as the Tower Hamlets. The crisis of which I speak is the apparent establishment of an ‘Islamic Republic‘ in that area.

The Tower Hamlets have been seemingly transformed into an Islamic state via the election, or rather seizure of government power and a $1.6 Million budget, of one Lutfur Rahman. Rahman is a Radical with links with questionable ties to the fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) and his infiltration of the Labour Party is very serious.

Lutfur Rahman and Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) leader, Anjem Choudry (there’s that name I’ve told you to remember again) have been edging closer and closer to imposing Sharia in the Hamlets.

Posters have now cropped up at entrances and major thoroughfares into the Tower Hamlets promoting a ‘Sharia Controlled Zone‘. Local Law Enforcement would seem to be ignoring the issue and in some cases, allowing violent activities in the area to go unchecked.

One of the worst attacks committed involved a Religious Education teacher, who was severely beaten and slashed in the face by five Muslim men – all of whom are terror suspects.  Homophobic related crimes have also seen quite a spike in numbers as the Muslims there make it plain that the Tower Hamlets are a ‘Gay-Free Zone‘.

Then of course there are the death threats to women there if they do not wear their headscarves. Ah, Islam. So peaceful. So Tolerant.

The Tower Hamlets are just one example of where Islam has overtaken a region, is driving out the original inhabitants and instituting it’s own agenda – the establishment of an Islamic state, completely Sharia compliant.

This tactic is being employed all over Europe with France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands being overrun by Muslims demanding their way of life be adopted by the region they are occupying. Multiculturalism seems to be melting down, one European nation after another.

Australia is also now dealing with an influx of Muslims using similar infiltration tactics. Whenever push back from the natives occurs, they scream Islamophobia, they sue, they push their taqiyya, propaganda and they of course protest using threats of violence if they don’t get their way. Sound familiar?

Of course it does, it’s happening in the United States too and Dearborn, Michigan is Ground Zero for the establishment of a Sharia compliant state within our borders.


CAIR ,a sanitized-for-public-consumption terrorist group which has ties to terror group The Muslim Brotherhood, is leading the way in Dearborn.

With the help of a multitude of dhimmis (like the Dearborn Mayor), the Local Prosecutors and Judges, the Dearborn Police and ‘civil rights’ groups like the ACLU as shields, CAIR has made an industry out of calling someone ‘Islamophobic‘ the new ‘Racist’ in the world of Politically Correct speech.

Out of one side of their mouth, CAIR says they are peaceful and wish to enjoy the religious freedoms protected by our Constitution.

From the other side of their mouth come statements like the one from CAIR’s founder, Omar Ahmad, who said, “The Koran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Again, so peaceful, so tolerant!

Dearborn is the American version of the Tower Hamlets. Surely I’m exaggerating, right? I wish I was.

Dearborn Mosques have been (and still are) a breeding ground for Jihad in America. Sharia has indeed taken hold in Dearborn. The Arab Fest that occurs annually there is proof positive of Islam’s take over of the region. Sharia is no longer creeping – it’s out in the open, throwing bottles and rocks.

The most recent Arab festival featured those peaceful and tolerant muslims throwing bottles, rocks, shoes and Lord knows what else at some Christians who showed up.  Of course, the Muslims cried Islamophobia in this case – some of these Christians were there with Pastor Terry Jones who led a legal rally against radical Islam before the festival. Sharia trumped the Constitution that day, with Jones being arrested.

The Michigan Judge and jury declared that because the Dearborn Muslims are so violent, that the Constitutional right to freedom of speech apparently doesn’t apply. Again, so peaceful. and so tolerant is Islam!

Islamic oppression is just not confined to Michigan and Minnesota is not much better.  It’s in every state of our Union. It’s not just protests and threats either, but actual Jihad training camps exist in the United States.

Our government seems to be ignoring these camps and using kid gloves when dealing with attacks on our own soil. This has emboldened Muslims to push harder, be vocal and come out into the open with their plans to convert America into an Islamic State. Why shouldn’t they when they feel they have the protection of Obama in the White House?

Learn all you can about Islam and the stealth jihad going on in our country. Pass on what you learn. Do not be discouraged by those who would try to silence you with Political Correctness or silent will become all you’re allowed to be. Silent, or dead – Either works for Muslims.

Watch the rest here.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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