New Green Fuel Source: Desperation

Obama is in North Carolina today and back at Cree, Inc. in Durham, where he campaigned in 2008. Why is he back in NC and at Cree? Maybe it’s because Cree is the poster child for jobs that are the result of taking government cheese. Cree also fits his ‘Green’ policies, of which are killing businesses everywhere across the country – everywhere except Cree that is. Nothing helps you grow your business faster than government regulations that force the consumer to buy what you are selling.

I don’t know but the math seems a little off here. $39 million in grants from the Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing program for 244 potential jobs of which we have no idea how many of those will be in China; it bears mentioning Cree has tripled the size of its facilities there. Speaking of where workers are from, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama likes Cree for its hiring practices of Illegal Aliens as well. Of course, Cree thinks that number of potential jobs is more like 275 , with an additional 300 in 2012. A little over $67,000 for 575 potential jobs (not counting the ones of Illegal Aliens of course) created over a five-year stretch. Not much bang for those $39 million bucks.

Here’s a bit of a flashback to 2008, when Obama visited Cree while campaigning:

David Jones, a production area supervisor at CREE Inc., a father of two young children and who is struggling with the tightening economy, introduced Obama.”  If he was struggling then, what is he doing now??

“Allen, a lawyer for Cree, Inc., the company where Obama was visiting, turned to her colleague and said, ‘Now I’m going to have to vote for him.’ ” Gotta wonder what this lawyer thinks now.

It’s no surprise when searching Cree Inc. donations in 2008, almost all came back as going to Barack Obama.

2008 vs 2011 – Less Excitement, Voter AnxietyIt would seem North Carolina is very much in play for 2012.

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