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I was musing to myself today about the hysterical, almost giddy rush by the MSM and the legions of Lefties being enlisted to dive into the Palin Emails. The feel of this reminds me of an envious and spiteful kid  getting a hold of another persons diary then reading it aloud, in the middle of school, with the help of all of her friends. It’s only a few days into it, they are not finding much but that has not swayed the attempt to make mountains out of molehillls is on. I wonder if they see their own double standard staring them back in the face? Probably not.

Consider the outrage these various outlets displayed recently with Andrew Breitbart breaking the story about Anthony Weiner and his Twitter follies has now turned to absolute foaming at the mouth to exact revenge upon Palin via her own past correspondence. Side by side, these two events have exposed the intent and attitude of the media in their handling these two situations. It starkly exhibits just how very Left of center these outlets are and the depth of their bias. The hypocrisy is well beyond ‘laughable’ and soaring headlong into the realm of collusion. Integrity is non-existent.

Consider this:  The LA Times has video that they will not release of Obama at an event with a group of Palestinians and Rashid Khalidi. This man is President of the United States now and has just given a speech that in essence was a Dinner bell being run for Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest of the Islamic world to come devour Israel. That same news outlet is now charging ahead in the posting of 24,000 emails from someone who is no longer an elected official. Think about that; 3 years later they are still not vetting the man who is not only driving our country into ruin but has just given the nod to the destruction of Israel.

Consider this: It took almost 3 years and Donald Trump blasting Obama right, left and center to produce one single document – his long form Birth Certificate. The MSM went on tirades condemning anyone who dare ask to see it and branding them either a ‘racist‘ or an ‘conspiracy theorists‘ (who of course must also be Tea Partiers) or in most cases, both. Alaska forks over 24,000 emails from a former Governor who has not even entered the Presidential Race (yet!) for 2012 and look at them – falling all over each other to race through them looking for the proverbial Silver Bullet to take Palin down. Who are the extremists again? The people who wanted verification from the President that he really was born in Hawaii or the people scrambling to plow through Palin’s past emails like they are looking for one of Willy Wonka’s fabled Golden Tickets?

Consider this: Obama’s Senate papers may have been ‘thrown out’ because he allegedly claims he did not have the funding to preserve them. Funny stuff to hear from a man who raised over $700 Million to run in 2008, especially when he could have had them preserved at the Abraham Lincoln Library had he wished to. It is clear he wanted no paper trail of  his Senate days. His ties to Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, ACORN, Felon Tony Rezko and the SEIU likely were all over his office records and papers. His Senate papers, much like his past, family associations, ties to radicals, academic records and issue surrounding the surrender of his law license, the mainstream media in 2008 chose to ignore these things almost entirely. Now juxtapose that refusal to investigate Obama with current the feeding frenzy of the MSM on the Palin emails.

Consider this: It would seem that Palin is who she says she is. She walks the walk that goes with the talk in all those emails to this day still.  She’s human and even though she was Governor, she has worries every parent has. She has jovial, inspiring words for her staff and conversations that are really about business in Alaska. Her emails reflect a Governor doing her job and doing it well – the worst nightmare of the Left and the MSM. The biggest ‘got ya’ that the MSM seems to be able to come up with so far is that, oh my gosh…Palin has ambition! Someone sound the alarm!

There is no ‘smoking gun’ in these emails. In fact, there is less suspense associated with this document dump than there was when Geraldo opened Al Capone’s Vault. As for myself, I’m going to let the silly Liberals, Lefties and the MSM ruin their eyesight. It will make a matched set with their tone deafness. At the end of it all, despite any ‘shocking revelations’ they think they have found, one thing has been made very clear to a great number of registered voters:

Sarah Palin scares the Hell out of you.

I Can See 2012 From My House!

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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