The Morning Links (6/9)

These are the Morning Links for June 9, 2011      

Exxon has a major oil find in the Gulf of Mexico. If only they could drill for it.

She’s ahead and she hasn’t even announced yet. That’s the ‘American Spirit‘ — and that’s more of what we need right now.

Big Day for Weiner: It started out with a picture of his junk being splashed around the internet – I look at it as a the middle finger from Breitbart, but he seemed mortified. Then came the cascade calls for his resignation, which still continue from all sides. It is being floated that his wife is also in the early stages of pregnancy. If true, that’s horrible timing for her, but my cynical side thought of this too. Meet the #BornFreeCrew warning Weiner’s Twitter followers that he was a pervert. Joan Walsh said she ‘feels stupid for having defended him‘. How is that different from any other time for you, Joan? Flashback: Sanchez to Weiner – give back donations from the porn salesman!  Liberals are conveniently eating their own because it’s the way the wind is blowing on this one. Oh Also,  Cluck, Cluck Cluckity!!!  and BCS.

Alec Baldwin eyes Mayor race now that pervy Weiner is out. Alec  – your career can’t handle another body blow. Stick to 30 Rock.

Wasserman Schultz is now a jackass the size of which can be seen from space. Literally. Very Literally.

These are the next biggest asses – the Union protesters that interrupted the Special Olympics Ceremony in WI with their ME! ME! ME! crap. Watch the video.

Ann Coulter kicks the crap out of the Hen House. This is a must watch.

According to CNN, nearly half of Americans expect another Great Depression within 12 months.  This is one I called that I am pretty distraught over.

Someone who should shut the hell up: GM CEO.

If you’re not sitting down, you should be. Indiana College refuses to play the National Anthem at events because it ‘goes against the College’s Core Values‘.  W T F !?!?  Related: D.O.E. SWAT? WTF???

I’m going to take a page out of the Dem rule book and call them extremists for being afraid of Mormon. In fact, I am going to call them Mormophobes.

Report: Giuliani is running. I think his time has passed, but the more the merrier. It will keep Obama and his hatchet men spinning trying to attack them all.

Oklahoma’s gone Red.

“It Gets Better” at Old Navy, only the LGBT folks are angry about it. Wait, what? The ‘It Gets better’ group is also pimping TV spots on FOX, ABC Family and Disney. All of which got nasty-grams from me – I don’t want my kids ambushed while watching Mickey Mouse with an ad about Lesbians, Gays or Transgender persons. Sorry, but that’s MY job to teach them about it – IF I so choose.

Shame on you Delta Airlines. Pathetic.

If Mrs. Obama is a modern-day rebel, it’s because she has figured out how to lead by following.” Ouch…but the truth often hurts.

Obama Hates America:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

Legal Eagles:

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:


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