The Morning Links (6/7)

These are the morning links for June 7, 2011:

Traders are dumping stocks and are buying Gold and Silver. I am officially scared for my investments and will be watching the market closely – praying there is not a collapse. “The government has no more bullets,” said David Greenberg of Greenberg Capital and commodities trading veteran from the pits. “Gold is the only asset that has held value over time.”

Well, Weiner apologized in a press conference today for tweeting his erection to a 21-year-old woman, but like a dick, he’s not resigning. He owes more than just his family an apology, as do dozens of Lefties out there. Barbara Walters owes everyone an apology too for a bizarre comparison between Weiner keeping his job and Palin’s bus tour. Breitbart was around the corner so he stopped in and took the podium before Weiner got therevideo here. That LIAR must have some huge brass ones to go with that saluting pal in those boxers of his to be able to stand there (with an awkward laugh) wearing a ‘sorry’ face and call what he did ‘a joke‘. I’m not laughing and this clown should resign. He’s not out of this yet – of all people, Pelosi and DCCC Chair Steve Israel are calling for an ethics investigation of Weiner. They should, because more women and pictures are coming out of the woodwork on this one. Look at what happen in NY-29, the Dem’s ‘Golden example’ – Erections have consequences.Oh, and Issa possibly knew before it broke and one of his gal pals says, “he’s done this all the time“. Roundup links of this craziness here, here, here, here, here and here. Hilarious Caption Contest here and Predictable Daily KoS headline here.

Q. So you think basically on the whole Sarah Palin got her history right?
A. Well yes she did, now remember she’s a politician she’s not a historian, and God help us when historians start acting like politicians, and I suppose policitians start writing history.                                                                          Suck it, Libs.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz to speak at “Nutroots” conference. Yes, I said Nutroots, “a mecca of sorts for the new media liberal intelligentsia”. At least the name isn’t misleading!

Christians Must Choose: Ayn Rand or Jesus” I didn’t realize they were mutually exclusive.

Remember these names in November 2012: Robert Aderholt (R-Alabama), Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), and Paul Gosar (R-Arizona). They were the only Republicans to vote to let ACORN and its offshoot groups KEEP their funding. Read the whole thing.

NY Times ignores 30,000 people marching.

This week has started out to be a celebrity trainwreck with Sigourney Weaver at HuffPo, then Sean Penn defending Chavez and now Bono nailed for income tax evasion.  There’s a lesson here: stop trying to be what you’re not.

If anyone believes this woman had some kind of wild romp with Ari Fleischer, then you need to share what you’re smoking. Sidenote: I love their headline because until now I never heard about this much less was ‘rocked’ by it.

Rick Santorum is running for…yawn.. President.

John Hunstman’s Illegal Alien Record stinks. Oh, is he still running? Meh.

The Anti-Palin Olympics. Seems I am really not alone in noting what I did in the past and on Sunday.
That sounds like a death threat to me.

Dems are looking to unseat Ryan in 2012. Good luck with that, clowns.

“Author Greg Jones projected that Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to fuel a nuclear weapon in about 62 days if it chose to do so.” We have no one defending us, but instead a President enabling this via inaction.

Ed Rollins has signed up to manage the Bachmann Campaign.

Can we please cut aid to Pakistan now?

Hey ladies! Free Pap smear at the All Women’s Health Center of Orlando! All you have to do to get the coupon is have an abortion. Think of your cervix’s health, to Hell with that embryo! Oh. My. GOD!

NSFW language alert: Kids, stay in school and don’t do drugs.

Obama Hates America:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

Legal Eagles:

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:

15 Jokes from Ann Coulter’s new book ‘Demonic’, of which I still need to buy! #4 is my favorite. Additional link: Interview with Coulter


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