In Defiance of Tyranny

I’ve written one other piece focusing on Sarah Palin. I’ve been inspired recently to write a second – it is not to prove that I am not a ‘half-cocked Palin supporter’, I can assure certain parties I’m whole hog and I’ve done my homework.

I’m writing because there are things that need to be said about her which a few blogs and  pundits have touched on, but I guess I felt the need to reiterate. The MSM outlets and Lefty sites rarely go beyond the low hanging fruit when it comes to her. They are content in finding another angle on the trite one liners out there, like how ‘stupid’ she is, how ‘inexperienced’ she is or how she’s just some kind of ‘media attention whore’ – irony of ironies, they keep covering her like white on rice despite her throwing them the Heisman pose.

The 2008 campaign was rife with attacks coming from both sides, but is hard to conjure up a time in recent memory when a Vice Presidential candidate drew such vicious attacks as those that were mounted on Palin.

First they came from the Obama camp which was expected, but after the election the slings and arrows flew loosely from the McCain side, backed by those considered to be ‘blue-bloods’ of the GOP.

Those slap downs of Palin by her own party continue still  – seemingly with more frequency as we get closer to 2012. Whenever she has popped up in the media, people like Karl Rove (he has been particularly bitter, as it would seem he has been replaced at Kingmaker), Bill O’Reilly, George Will and lately, Charles Krauthammer, have been at the ready with their own custom-made jab for her.

It’s fine to be critical of her, but one can note that these slights are lacking in substance.  These stabs dressed up as backhanded compliments come from those who should be highlighting both the positive and the negative.

No candidate is perfect, but when they have come out to support her, their hypocrisy is astounding. They’re becoming increasingly petty with a sense that it’s a little more personal than she’s spoken out of turn at what is traditionally been a boys-only club.  I often have wanted to shoot of an email to some of them with a single linked figure in it – 59,948,323, and make the subject header, “Palin’s unelectable?“.

It hasn’t slipped my notice that these talking heads and columnists on both sides who continue to hammer away at her are most definitely afraid that she will be the nominee for 2012.

The Left is scared because they know she is their polar opposite and that the country identifies with her more now than they did even in 2008. The Right is terrified she won’t be able to keep up with ‘Barack’s Billion’ campaign and her unconventional style is unattractive to the crucial independent vote, with the result being a second term for that monster.

My own opinion at this point is that I think the Right needs to ‘man up’. They either need to get behind her or shut the Hell up instead of coming up with new labels to slap on her like ‘lacking seriousness of purpose‘.  Really?

Have they not been paying attention to the litany of articles, interviews and trips she’s done just in 2011 alone? All of which have a common theme and pretty damn serious purpose of making her own positions clear and at the same time exposing Obama as an utter failure?

These things – the attacks, are not meant to be the main focus of this piece but rather the contrasting elements that highlight  why she has become so important to so many and continues to be so.


She’s exciting and she inspires.

This was the case when she joined the ticket in 2008 and is still the case today wherever she goes. The excitement that Obama brought to his side of the campaign was mirrored, if not surpassed, by that of Palin on the Right. Her unapologetic, in-your-face style and the ability to deliver daggers with a smile and wink made people stand up and yell, ‘HELL YES!’ – even watching her from home in their living rooms. This is still true today.

We are well into the third year since the election and she’s still hitting home runs. Her biggest detractors even have to admit she’s electric. To be blunt, she doesn’t take any crap off of anyone. That attitude is infectious to those watching and listening to her. She is bringing back a sense that ‘We The People’ is not just some idea on a piece of paper but that as individuals we can make a difference and as a group we can reclaim our country.

She plays the MSM like a Stradivarius and isn’t afraid to call them out when they pull a fast one.

Unlike Bush, Palin has a gift for manipulating the media. No one has made liberal heads explode like she has – period. This is a pro and also a con for her, as it has been a turn off to some who were previously indifferent to her, tagging her as too ‘polarizing’.  I don’t buy into the ‘she’s too polarizing’ line either.

I’d rather have that and be able to see clearly who stands against the true recovery of this nation by picking her than choosing one of the wallflowers of the current GOP field. This is no time for timidity or political correctness. This is it kids, our country is hanging on by a thread and Obama has the scissors in hand.

She also doesn’t play the Bush game of ignoring attacks and spin from the media either. On more than one occasion she has taken time to set the record straight, much to the embarrassment of the MSM and it’s merry lefty bandwagoners. She has media savvy that surpasses Obama’s. Frankly, her use of Facebook and Twitter have been well-chosen and well used weapons.

She’s a Kingmaker and has not only a large number of Republicans behind her, but the bulk of the Tea Party as well.

All one has to do is look at the 2010 Mid-Term Elections to see the evidence of this claim. She hit the trail and stumped for 77 candidates and 49 of them won. Unlike Obama who seems to bring the kiss of death to most of the candidates he backed, Palin brought the roar of thunder. T

here were definitely some key losses  though and that is all the big media ran with of course – Sharon Angle, Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell are names we all recognize as some of them. She has her own brand of mojo and she knows how to use it. She’s smartly aligned herself with the Tea Party and more and more Republicans are leaning her way for 2012. As a Republican who is a Fiscal Conservative but Moderate on social issues, I can attest to that leaning.

She’s standing in defiance of tyranny in taking on Obama and nailing it each time.

She’s not taking a backseat but instead, leading the charge. It’s abundantly clear that she feels strongly that America is indeed an exceptional country, which the current administration is systematically running into the ground.

Unlike most of her peers, she does not mince words in blasting Obama and is blatantly unafraid of him. Since the defeat of the McCain/Palin ticket, she has not relented either. She goes where few have in calling out Obama and his administration across the board – and she does it with something those who venture into the arena don’t have: sincere outrage and zeal.

We would do well to follow this lead or what we call outrageous but tolerate today shall become our norm of tomorrow. This is how liberty dies – from silence by the governed. The list of her rebuttals to this administration is long and by no means have I captured it all here:

The economy is failing despite the label of ‘in recovery’ that Obama keeps trying to slap on that ‘car’ that is in a ditch or in reverse depending on his mood. He blames the Republicans for putting that car into that ditch and acknowledges its good and stuck in there, yet there he and the Democrats went putting it back in drive and careening at 200 M.P.H into a bridge abutment.  What started off as a bump in the road of ‘Hope and Change’ has turned into a massive pothole of his own making that bottoms out in China!

Housing has hit record lows comparable to the Great Depression. Unemployment has remained above 9% and of course job creation has ‘unexpectedly’ remained abysmally low.

High gas prices continue to plague the country; a promise kept from candidate Obama and due almost entirely to his energy policies.

Food prices are on the rise, squeezing already tight budgets. The Obama DOJ is running amok, violating the very laws it is supposed to be upholding.

DHS is putting us all at risk with their combined failures in border security, purposefully slack immigration enforcement and outright ignoring of threats forming in our midst in favor of being more ‘sensitive’ to muslims.

It’s sickening to realize the billions spent on ‘outreaches’ to nations who want us dead. A third of our population is now receiving food stamps. We have a record level debt, the bulk of which he added, about to hit our limit and still he spends. The crises are mounting and he’s golfing or playing with high-speed trains.

We The People are feeling beaten, abused, used and ignored.


It would seem at every turn this administration has given the middle finger to the citizens of this country. The country is gone from mild displeasure at the dealings of the Obama administration to downright outrage.

The anger is palpable and it’s getting stronger – not just for his policies which are killing this country on every front, but with Obama himself. One person has time and time again stood up and expressed that outrage in a very public way – channeling all of the angry voices and the frustrations of the people into her own, so that it is heard loud and clear by Obama and his band of merry Chicago thugs and radicals.

She’s leading and no one else is; she’s been leading all along. Obama has his Organizing for America, which has lost significant momentum and is now scrambling – ironically – to get organized.

Palin has maintained her head of steam and the spotlight. His grassroots movement has lost its energy whereas in comparison Palin and the Tea Party have held fast. She brings a sense of pride and confidence back to Americans when she speaks. She could have just gone back to life as usual in Alaska, but she didn’t.

She heard us and recognized early on what can only be called domestic sabotage and tangible tyranny in Barack Obama’s vision for this country and in Obama himself. The call to defend this nation and to be a voice for it beckoned and luckily for us,  she never retreats – only reloads. I admit, I love that phrase of hers for the way it makes Liberals want to tear their hair out.

There is something about her that makes you want to fight…and we need to fight. We as a people and as a nation cannot survive four more years of this man.

Love her or hate her, should she throw her hat in the ring, we all need to look at the field and ask ourselves who out of all these people can undo the harm that has been inflicted on this country and its citizens?

Who can take Obama to task with the required intensity and beat him at his own game? Who is truly looking out for the best interests of both this nation and its citizens? One person has proven themselves for over three years now in doing just that: Sarah Palin.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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