The Morning Links (6/3)

These are the morning links for June 3, 2011:

NBC hires Liberal dirtbag Vivian Schiller. You remember her, the ousted NPR Chief who fired Juan Williams but allowed Ron Schiller (no relation) to stick around having lunch with terrorist front groups. I refuse to watch NBC whatsoever going forward.

Palin takes the wind out of Romney’s Announcement sails by calling attention to the one major item that will keep him from getting the nomination – Romneycare and the government mandate.

What the Hell IS that on Mars??

Another piece on the FOX news talking heads and their petty slams on Sarah Palin . What is ultimately boils down to are a bunch of men who feel intimidated or annoyed that she won’t sit down when told. Also, Krauthammer goes back for seconds. I’m becoming very disheartened that he is still playing this game. She’s a kingmaker alright and that’s probably what has Rove in a snit – that’s his job, or it was. Oh, and this guy still is trying to suggest I’m paranoid… or something of ‘half-cocked Palin supporter’ who has no clue that she’s ‘unelectable‘ or ‘needs more schooling‘ and ignores all criticism of her. Nope. I know all of her faults, but I also know a slap down when I see one – and I’m not alone by a long shot. Go take a peek at the comments here and here. It would seem I got my own smack down in the same backhanded fashion – Irony is laughing. I’ll be sure to include some remarks on this eloquent assailing of Palin (any of me) for the next article I am writing, which is due out this weekend.

What’s next? Body cavity searches? People are starting to push-back and make a  lot of noise, like this lady. Notice they try to corral the guy videoing this and also that in the span of the video NO ONE contacts the police per her request nor does anyone intervene besides more TSA. I would sincerely like to know what happened after the video cuts out.

Mystery strain of E-Coli that seems to have originated in Germany may have infect 3 Americans. The strain is very dangerous, over 2,000 are sick in Germany. Wash those veggies well, people.

The Gay community makes more noise than any other group that they want to be treated like everyone else and enjoy all the same rights as heterosexuals – yet we have this.

I’m so done with Weiner. Resign already, dude, we have long  memories and you’re toast.

More schools re-thinking zero-tolerance policies. Glenn Reynolds comments, “Since this was obviously a dumb idea from the beginning, why are we allowing our kids to be taught by people who took two decades to grasp the obvious?”  Indeed, many aren’t and homeschooling has reached new highs.

Nancy Pelosi is out of her freaking mind. It must be the stress from getting all those waivers for her district while flying on her booze-cruise flights back and forth to Washington.

Sony is allegedly hacked – again.

What does an Ipad run these days? A few hundred bucks? How about a kidney... err, wait what? Check out the ad that was running on the page for this story, oh the Irony– “Ads by Google iPad 2 Blowout – 93% offGet a new Apple iPad 2 for $89.95 Limited Supply. Get Your iPad Today apple”

Stay strong, Jaycee Dugard. God Bless you.

Who is behind Adam Kokesh and Russia Today Television? FTA: “This was the apparent purpose of the provocation launched by Kokesh and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink at the Jefferson Memorial last Saturday. By breaking the law against demonstrations and disorderly conduct at the memorials, they knew they would be arrested and then be able to charge that they were victims of a “police state”—just the sort of propaganda that Moscow wants, in order to divert attention away from the Kremlin’s human rights record. Not surprisingly, RT covered the demonstration extensively.”

Ryan challenges Obama and gets standing ovation.. at the White House. I could kiss Ryan for calling him out. GOOD WORK!

Obama Hates America:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

Legal Eagles:

  • deeply misguided and fundamentally unconstitutional,” said Omar Jadwat, staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, on a conference call for reporters. It “opens the door to racial profiling.” So what? How about we just employ TSA like tactics like scanning and groping them- would that be better? The problem is well beyond possibly offending certain parties.
  • “The American Civil Liberties Union is taking aim at Florida governor Rick Scott’s executive order in March mandating drug testing for state employees — both new hires and some existing employees, regardless of whether they are suspected of drug use.” Good luck with that, ACLU. As an employer, the State can and should random drug test.
  • New White House Counsel is former Enron Task force lawyer, Kathy Ruemmler. She’s a chip off the old Holder.
  • Tennessee opens to the door to corporate political donations.

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:

This was funny – Jon Stewart blasts Trump on his Pizza choice for dinner with Palin. He nails it, lol.


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