The Morning Links (6/2)

These are the morning links for June 2, 2011:

I stand by my comment on Republican Redefined, who linked to me yesterday because I dared to call out The Golden Krauthammer (of whom I greatly admire and respect) for the lastest GOP snub on Palin — Michelle Malkin’s piece, Chasing Sarah: The boys behind the bus , says a lot more of what was on my mind. Mark Levin completes some of my own thoughts here. Palin is bringing REAL hope back to Americans by sharing her trip and highlighting what makes this country great – one could even say exceptional.

Palin’s Thunder will roll into South Carolina later this month. Hope she stops by and sees us here in North Carolina. The Left are so juvenile – ironic, seeing the way the MSM is chasing her. Her tour is also raining on Romney’s parade. I’m glad and I am sure it is not an accident. This is a clear message she is making that echoes that of many across the nation — Don’t Bother, you won’t have my vote. Keep weeding them out, Sarah. She stopped to talk to FOX execs along the way, fueling rumors she is going to run. I also want to commend you on your fashion sense UPDATE: This piece by Tom Rowan over at the American Thinker fits my annoyance with the GOP Palin-haters nearly perfectly.

Allen West on ‘Keeping America Strong‘. Also, How Pakistan is ‘playing us like a bad fiddle‘.I wish he would run.

“Computer hackers in China broke into the Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including senior U.S. government officials, military personnel and political activists, Google Inc. said Wednesday.” I see a new scape goat for Weiner in this. The Chinese hacked my underwear… or something.

Krauthammer – From bad to worse.

Why PBS is a Public Menace: “We don’t need a government news and opinion network. More important, we shouldn’t require taxpayers to pay for broadcasting that will inevitably reflect a particular perspective on politics and culture. The marketplace of democracy should be a free market, in which the voices of citizens are heard, with no unfair advantage granted by government to one participant.”  AMEN.

ICE Has Released More Than 8,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Into U.S. Since 2009. NICE WORK, Janet Incompetano!

Bachmann has a little trouble with the FEC to the tune of $67,900.

Certitude. Oh and the yfrog theory is busted. Weiner still tweeted his wiener. He’s actually making jokes to female reporters about this and last night “the Congressman told Maddow that it is possible that the photo was of him and had been “taken out of context.” LOL, taken out of context? Exactly what context is there for an erection being tweeted to a 21 year-old woman that we are missing here? RESIGN, clown!

The Schumer Three-Step.  This could be applied to any given Democrat.

Romney: “At the time, we didn’t know what sort of a president he would make. … Now, in the third year of his four-year term, we have more than promises and slogans to go by. Barack Obama has failed America.”  Tell us something we don’t know, Mitt. Drop the Captain Obvious stuff.

Yesterday morning I posted about how a new oil shale was discovered in Texas… well meet the lizard that Obama will use to keep us from drilling for it.

Jewish Republican group is robo-calling against Obama.

I won’t be buying anymore Coldplay.  They had to go and pull a Dixie Chicks. When are bands and celebrities going to figure out we DON’T CARE what they think about politics – they are usually dead wrong anyway.

This exists: Nigerian ‘baby-factory’raided, 32 teenage girls freed.

Obama Hates America:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

Legal Eagles:

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:


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