They Said What?! – May 2011

  • Welcome to “They Said What?!” – a recurring monthly entry that highlights all the fantastically stupid things (and sometimes just fantastic things) said by politicians, celebrities, journalists, bloggers and anyone else who happens to wander into the headlights of the ‘LameStream’ media.

Warning: Some links contain NSFW language and/or imagery.

Obama’s Greatest Hits:

Political Petards:

The First Hamburglar: “And then we had a poetry night and Common was there. He’s very cute. But everybody from poet laureates to hip-hop folks, being able to mix up the world in that very interesting way, the White House allows you to do that.”

Barney Frank had the nerve to tell Eric Cantor to stop politicizing Osama Bin Laden’s death. Uh dude, isn’t that what your boss is doing – a lot?

Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Mike Rogers, is a total idiot and Obama stooge – wait, that’s almost redundant. In regard to releasing the Bin Laden photos, he had this to say, “Imagine how the American people would react if Al Qaeda killed one of our troops or military leaders, and put photos of the body on the internet”. Yeah, hey Mike – psst, WE ALREADY HAVE and guess what? We survived.

Harry Reid wants ‘the people of America to rise up‘ for the DREAM Act. Thanks again,  Nevada, for re-electing one of the biggest affronts to justice and decent government in generations.

“I feel that my role as a former president is probably superior to that of other presidents,” Mr. Carter said in an interview with NBC News.  LOL, WHAT?!

Charlie Rangel needs to have the cane hook him and pull him off stage permanently after telling Judge Napolitano in regard to the debt ceiling conversation they were having that “it’s a great government, why not be big?”  Just. Wow.

Jan Schakowsky on her desire to censor certain media outlets and insults on “sleazebag”Andrew Breitbart. Remember, the First Amendment only covers Dems and the Left. The rest of us should choke on political correctness. She also thought America’s youth believed that America was a ‘loser’ until Obama got Bin Laden. Now we’re winning! DUH!

Cynthia McKinney, certified nutjob and former Democrat Georgia Congresswoman now in the Green Party, is very ashamed of ‘her country and of the policies of the first  Afro-American President‘ amongst other things. Clips of the TV interview in IRAN where she made these statements is here. More on her whacky Jew-hating past here here and here.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-imwit, FL) is an ‘undocumented‘ idiot in search of a village.

It’s not what Anthony Weiner said, but what he sent…and it wasn’t to his wife either.

They have brass ones… Just Sayin’:

Cornel West: Barack Obama is the ‘Black Mascot of Wall Street Oligarchs‘. OUCH.

Sarah Palin: Pelosi is telling a “tight-faced lie” about Obamacare. Could be all the work I’m sure Pelosi has had done on that mug of hers over the years causing the tightness – I’m sure her plastic surgeon got a waiver. Heh.

Joe Walsh (R- Illinois): “If it takes moats and alligators to secure our borders to get you to be serious, I’m game.”

Allen West (R – AWESOMEVILLE): “I’ve never seen people who are so comfortable with lying in my life.” He’s talking about Washington D.C. Politicians, as if I needed to tell you that…

Michelle Bachmann: “President Obama is out to lunch.” She said what we all thought about his El Paso speech, but was much kinder than I would have been.

Likud MK Danny Danon: “Barack Hussein Obama adopted the staged plan for Israel’s destruction of Yasser Arafat, and he is trying to force it on our prime minister,” – Yep, he just said Obama is the new Arafat. WTF 2012!!!

Liberals, Loons and Celebs:

Cluck.. Cluck Cluck Cluckity! = The View yapping about ‘It’s ok that Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a slut‘ and ‘Cancel 2012‘. I was amazed Whoopi didn’t manage to pull the race card in this episode somewhere.

Joan Rivers: “Stop campaigning and take care of the F**king country!

Michael Moore just looses it and makes a multi-millionaire ass out of himself. Someone send him a map to all the Dunkin’ Donuts out there and let him get lost for a few years please.

Our main man for contrarian condescension, Bill Maher, has a number of hits this month. According to Bill, “Republicans say they love [Herman Cain] so they’re not racist – right“, “Republicans are paranoid, greedy racists” and then this gem, “This could be a teaching moment, could it not for the teabaggers?” Maher declared. “Or maybe all of America – who don’t understand that socialism doesn’t mean we’re going to come to your house and make you work on a collective farm. You know, in Europe, socialism is just another political party and it doesn’t mean that we’re against making a profit. It just means that government takes over certain things like hospitals and prisons, and the military, schools – and things that should not be run for profit.” I often wonder what color the sky is in Maher-land.

Why Sheryl Crow should stick to singing.

Rosie O’Donnell on ‘Protestors’ and ‘Due Process‘…for Bin Laden. Could this woman be more ridiculous. Probably.

Al Sharpton thinks Bush was embarrassed by the invite from Obama to go to Ground Zero after Bin Lade was killed. It couldn’t possibly be that Bush has some decorum and didn’t want to go anywhere near Obama’s revolting victory lap?

Larry Flynt took aim at Trig Palin. Apparently the Wonkette didn’t do a good enough job attacking a Downs Syndrome toddler so he had to add his two cents and among other things, calling the youngster a ‘brain dead virtual vegetable’. What is wrong with people, seriously?

Hatemonger, Mike Malloy, ponders when a SEAL team will drop in and take George Bush out. If you are unfamiliar with Mike Malloy, count yourself lucky. The man is asshattery personified.

Someone fire Andrea Mitchell already, will ya? It would seem that Mitchell thinks Netanyahu owes Obama an apology for ‘being so rude’ to him and talking to Obama ‘like he was a school boy’. Really? Well if the shoe fits, eh Mitchell? That woman makes me want to invest in a duct tape company. Related: Fareed Zakaria thinks Netanyahu should have thanked Obama for his Middle East speech.  What exactly for, Fareed? Handing over all the Holy Sites to terrorists and the giant “Welcome Jihadists” mat that Obama put out in that speech?

The MSNBC Moron Roundup:

Howard Fineman:Don’t judge Obama on his performance.” Ok, so we judge him on what then? His fashion sense?

Lawrence O’Donnell: “Disgusting is too nice a word for Glenn Beck.”

Chris Matthews: Palin is “Profoundly Stupid” and Obama is “the strong silent type” – LOL! Yeah he looks real tough in those mom jeans.

Ed Schultz: Laura Ingraham is a “Right Wing Slut“. I sincerely think Ed has some problems. It’s not just this line that makes me think that but overall I’ve noticed a pattern lately of him going Postal at the drop of a hat.


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