The Morning Links (5/26)

These are the morning links for May 26, 2011:

Palin is going on tour.  YES!

Mitt Romney to announce next week what we knew since November 3rd, 2008…He’s making a  2012 Presidential Bid. He does not have my vote. I want someone better.

Party of the Rich: Corporate executives are banned from trading stocks based on inside knowledge, but apparently Democrats in Congress operate under no such restriction.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz needs a reality check and a muzzle. Her latest litany against the GOP is that they are “Anti-Women”. “It’s just so hard for me to grasp how they could be so anti-women as they are,” she said at a breakfast roundtable with reporters.”  Wait, What? Didn’t they just have a female run for Vice President while the DNC re-enacted the Senate killing Caesar on Hillary? I think Wasserman-Schultz is the anti-woman part of this equation with her enthusiastic defense of killing the unborn with public funding. She’s made a name for herself with her ‘in your face’ statements, but they are coming back to bite her in the ass... And what an ass it is.

The Westboro Baptist Idiots are back at it: Thank God for 125 Dead in Joplin” – Plan to Protest Funerals

This House is in Play.” After shoveling 9 million bucks and a Fake Tea Party candidate in NY-26 to get a win, they DCCC is going to sit there and say they are taking back the House in 2012?  LOL!  Related: Now, this is what is in play for 2012.

What America Needs NOW. Heh.

The Hens on the Viewless laughed off Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut on national radio. There’s a clip if you can stomach it. Whoopi almost made a point that it was a derogatory term by comparing it to – you guessed it – the N word. Sigh.

Someone page The First Hamburglar! We need her to dictate what we can eat at work now. Let’s Move! Meh.

It’s only the First Amendment, no biggie.

Tax Hikes Are Not Government Savings. We are in debt. Some of it was already there and Obama knew that and blamed Bush to Hell and beyond for it. He said the GOP drove the ‘car’ (economy) into a ditch. Yeah, well Obama got in the car, floored it and ran that car right into an abutment. WTF 2012!

Secure the border.

The Summer of Liber-Tea.

Obama Hates America:

The ROPAT mayhem and murder roundup:

Legal Eagles:

Your Morning Laugh and/or cry depending on how you see it:

From the Twitter Feed of the wife Obama’s Pushback & Media Manipulation Czar, who also happens to be the Campaign Director for MoveOn.Org (HERE). No wonder the Obama regime has a messaging problem if they can’t even spell. Also, who is MILES in Nita Loves Miles, her handle?

The Five Funniest Road Signs in the World. My personal favorite is the 4th one. Hehe.


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