Implosion Imminent

We’re well into the third year of the Obama Administration and you would be hard pressed to find someone not keenly aware of how precarious a position we, as a nation, are in. All around us there are signs of an imminent implosion and whispers of a possible second Great Depression should our course not be corrected – and soon.  Yet Obama charges forward with speeches like the one he gave recently in El Paso, Texas, seemingly unaware he has insulted a great number of people by poking fun of the issue – cementing the fact this man has no intention of securing the border. This is just one example of what some call his administration’s ineptitude that happens on an almost weekly basis with one issue or another. I take a different position. I do not think it is ineptness, but a purposeful deconstruction of this nation. Given the sheer number of flip-flops from this administration, one has to start to wonder if it is indeed on purpose. Obama is on a mission to change this country; the ultimate in social justice – leveling the playing field in the United States by bringing it to its knees.

Let’s look at some of the pieces in Obama’s Deconstruction Plan for America, otherwise known as Win The Future (WTF!?) 2012. Bear in mind the idea that these are not mistakes but intentional on his part:

Obama likes to beat up on those who cannot respond. Ironic from the President who wants to crack down on Bullies, he seems to do a lot of it himself – how quickly Tucson faded. This includes any critics, the Supreme Court, Paul Ryan and the American People. This man garnered much attention during his campaign as a man to ‘heal the Nation’, from what I don’t know, but has turned out to be a ‘Great Divider’ instead. The President seemingly has a big ego and very thin skin – what a combination to have in the leader of the supposedly Free World. Small wonder he comes off so arrogant and condescending.

Obama’s selective assistance in the Middle East sets up our detractors for future attacks on the United States. Obama has entered into the unrest in the Middle East in only a few situations, mainly those that would potentially yield a negative outcome down the road for the United States. Cases in point are Egypt and Libya. I’ve said before that Obama’s idea of Hope is not meant for Americans but for our enemies. His continual ‘Muslim Outreach’ is getting old, dangerous and downright offensive. This is a group of people a world away leeching our money with the express intent of later killing us in mind.

Obama has attacked, or purposefully neglected, just about every sector of the economy on some level. Each time declaring there was some evil villain afoot, someone who has ‘made enough money’ and must be stopped or a rationalization along those lines. Meanwhile he and his pals, Pelosi and Reid, dog-pile on the deficit with record spending. The short list of victims includes Wall Street, Big Oil, Housing, and Health Insurance. His recent attacks on Oil companies has been picked up as a mantra by the Democrats in the house with highly politicized ‘show trials’ of Oil company executives lately. Oil is already painted as a villain so it is an easy mark for Obama and serves a dual purpose to boost his tough guy image on one hand while pushing his nation killing Green policies. What you don’t see is that in comparison with the industries out there, Oil ranks pretty far down in profit margin list. Remember, the Federal Government is pocketing about 49.5 cents from you at the pumps on each gallon of gas right now. That’s a pretty big margin – hey, I found Obama’s villains!

Fighting on multiple fronts domestically will keep the opposition from being able to stop him. Obama has jumped from one controversial move to the next, forcing the other side to try and keep up. This keeps any opposition from being able to mount a strong counter-response, much less be effective in reversing the damage once Team Obama’s complicit media friends spin any who oppose as racists or extremists.  Cases in point, Arizona and Wisconsin. The lone exception to this fast moving strategy seems to be the ‘Long Form Birth Certificate’ debate. In this case, Obama seems to relish dragging it out in a manner befitting a child melting Army men on their driveway with a magnifying glass rather than of the President of the United States who has more “important stuff to do“. Guess what, Americans are the Army men in that scenario.

The Department of Justice has been an instrumental tool for Obama’s various efforts to disrupt the nation. I’ve written a bit about the New Black Panther Intimidation case before but so much has come out since then. It’s almost like some kind of corrupt to-do list complete with racism and disregard for the Constitution. In fact, it’s easier to just list what the DOJ has been up to:

Obama has foot soldiers –, Organizing for America, Unions and Czars. has been putting together pro-union rallies all over the United States. Social unrest seems to be something the President wants to see since he has done nothing but give a nod of approval to such activities. Organizing for America ( led the charge in Madison, Wisconsin.  Unions have been a constant source of support for Obama and continue to be his thugs in the field in Madison and around the country. Obama has shown his loyalty to Unions over and over again – no matter what. Czars are unchecked and unvetted, they have done Obama’s bidding in the smaller rings of this circus while Obama has distracted us all in the Main Tent with shiny objects like Birth Certificates, Extremist Tea Partiers and Bin Laden photos. There have been moves made to defund them, but that effort was stunted by the budget bill.

Obama and his Democratic Congress have spending problem worse than a teenage girl who has ‘borrowed’ not one but ALL of her daddy’s credit cards. Obama has blown all spending done by previous President’s away and what’s worse is he did it knowing full well we were already in deficit trouble.  In the face of this well recognized problem, he continues to push more new spending and funnel more ‘ aid’ to foreign nations instead of helping our own States. Obamacare is his Crown Jewel of spending achievement though. It is the ultimate economy vampire, continually sucking more and more money from the individual taxpayer while exempting more and more businesses with waivers.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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