Obama Illegal Alien Amnesty Speech: Cynical & Full of It.

I was reading the El Paso Speech that Obama gave today on Immigration Reform and just knew I was seeing similar phrases and recycled/reworked sections from another speech. So I went through my bookmarks and found one he gave at American University on July 1, 2010. Barry’s getting lazy.

Looks pretty close. Same scolding tone – only more of it, same cluelessness on what Illegal Aliens actually have done to this country on every imaginable level and proposing the same things the other side of the aisle wants, but while his version is Golden and Pure, he wastes no time demonizing the other side for it. He still doesn’t get it. The damage is done and continues to be inflicted. His current speech is a joke and Texas is more than aware of the fact he considers that state to be his personal ATM. These people know what it is to live with Illegal Aliens and he marches in there and chastizes them?  WTF 2012!

Update, 5/11:

Found this gem from Obama as a Senator. Compare this to his speech yesterday and this section in particular: “And we’re also going beyond the border.  Beyond the border, we’re going after employers who knowingly exploit people and break the law.  (Applause.)  And we are deporting those who are here illegally.  And that’s a tough issue.  It’s a source of controversy.”

Now, look at this one from the 2008 Debates. Just pay a fine and register them – sure, no problem! Watch the whole clip if you can stomach it.

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