Obama: Hope for our enemies via Change for America

Obama has successfully made this country watch one hand while with the other he creates discord and meddles with the very fabric of this country.  I have been of the opinion for some time now that everything he does is by design. He has sat back, pushed the Nations buttons with one hand, and with the other, quietly pursued his own agenda. I say quietly because the main media outlets have been complicit in covering what he does want press on and ignoring what he does not want covered. Pervasive is the theme that to question him or his actions will guarantee you a label of racist, bigot or conspiracy theorist. The Great Uniter has proven to be a Great Divider.

His response to Katrina was woefully inadequate yet he kept the furor in the media going with his bully pulpit attacks on BP to extort billions for what essentially was an accident and  that has served as hush money for the Gulf States, while he slit their livelihood throats with his moratorium. Golf and vacationing apparently had more of his attention than the oil the rest of us were watching gush from the bottom of the ocean. In fact, one might dub Obama the Golfing President as he seems to have an affinity to do it whenever a crisis is at hand.

His domestic policy has consisted of an attempt to stamp out our basic liberties, choices, the free market and capitalism wherever he finds it – and has made headway in just about every sector of our society. Healthcare, Investing, Banking, Mortgages, and oil either have seen an attack on them or have been infused with stimulus cash to prolong their damage to the economy. The degree he seems willing to go to undermine this country and spread a sense of instability amongst his people is not limited to his Presidential activities. His wife has gone after how we feed our children and the food industry as well as ourselves in an effort to control it and us – ironically the number of people on government assistance in the form of Food Stamps is estimated now at 1 in 7. With food prices rising each week, that number is sure to grow. Since his first months in office as President, unemployment has maintained a level of 8% or higher. His energy policy not only kills jobs, its price tag versus its return is a recipe for failure on the grandest of scales. His has made good on his $4 a gallon promise. Add all of this to the massive failed stimulus package which has proven to be rife with corruption and payouts to his faithful campaign supporters. Now add his relentless backing and payouts to his foot soldiers in the Unions, and you have the makings of a society about to reach a boiling point.

His DOJ has engaged in a gun running scandal, subsequent cover-ups, and voter fraud & intimidation enablement and actively is suing states who oppose Sharia Law in our courts as well as maintaining a southern border as secure as apiece of Swiss cheese. This DOJ is riddled with corruption to its very core as Darryl Issa is currently finding out. Obama’s appointments to the Supreme Court are not to be ignored either – both Sotomayor and Kagan are in line with his agenda of deconstructing this country in favor of a progressive replacement and both are ardent amnesty supporters. That will come in handy as he pursues end-runs around Congress and the Supreme Court on the matter.

His DHS is headed up by a woman whose incompetence will prove to be fatal. Her total lack of knowledge in the area of terrorism and strong pro-amnesty stance is probably how and why she was chosen in the first place. The border is seeing increased traffic into our country not just by Illegal Aliens, but also by terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. It is no accident the American people have taken to calling her Janet Incompetano.

His foreign policy is a disaster by any standard. If one looks at it as one body of work, the conclusion that is drawn is that his policies aboard have only benefited those who commit and support terrorism. His picking and choosing who he supports in the Middle East seems to be indiscriminate, but I think that would be unwise to assume. The pattern has been to support the side where Al Qaeda has gotten a foothold. He has weakened both the image and the position of the United States on the global stage. The repercussions of which will be visited not on him but onto the citizens of the United States.

Then there is the rampant spending. He claimed to inherit a mess and then proceeded to dog-pile on with costly Bill after Bill, the Crown Jewel being Obamacare. Not all spending was domestic. This is just a sample of all the money he has sent to other countries, many of which wish our citizens harm:

$200 Million To Palestine to ease THEIR debt

$900 Million to Rebuild Gaza in 2009.

$400 Million to West Bank and Gaza for ‘rebuilding’ efforts in 2010.

$7.5 Billion to Pakistan in “aid”.

$6 million to restore 63 cultural and historic sites that include mosques and minarets, in 55 countries, as revealed by State Department documents.

$25 Million in “Non-lethal aid” to Al Qaeda infused Libyan Rebels.

$23 Million to Kenya to fund a “Yes” vote on a constitutional referendum scheduled for Aug. 4 that would increase access to abortions in Kenya and establish legal status for Islamic law tribunals.

$12.6 Million to the Ivory Coast in “aid”; bundled in that announcement is another $15 Million to Libya.

$200 Million to fight drug trafficking in El Salvador.

$50 Million to the pro-abortion group of the United Nations – “UN Population Fund”.

Some of his Domestic an/or Humanitarian spending is here:

$100 Million to Haiti for Earthquake relief; No money to Japan though, but he pushes for American to donate while filling out his NCAA brackets.

$172 Million (out of $600 million to North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina and Rhode Island) to ease the pain in Ohio of Home Foreclosures. $1.5 billion to help Nevada, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and California.

$4.5 Million to Democratic Committees.

$8 Billion to upgrade the rail network across the country to accomodate high speed rail. $148 Million of which goes to Upstate New York.

$2 Trillion and counting for Obamacare, and that isn’t counting the impact all 1500+ of the waivers will have on the cost to the rest of us.

Wake up America.

This man promised hope and change – but these were not promises for this Nation, but for those wishing to destroy us.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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