The Morning Links: Bin Laden Edition

We’ve all heard the news: Osama Bin Laden is dead.

So much is flying around the internet, news outlets and blogs right now, it is hard to digest it all. I decided to create a blog post I will update as things trickle in. I’m breaking it into sections for quick reference and will be commenting here and there with my own thoughts on some of them.

Links on the Raid:

How Bin Laden Was Found and Killed –

How Osama Bin Laden died – LA Times

Osama Bin Laden Was Killed in Abbottabad – Home of Pakistan Military Academy …Update: His Home Was Across Street From Police Station & Government College _ Gateway Pundit

It took years to find Bin Laden and Seconds to kill him. – Guardian UK

GITMO detainees is where the intel came from. Gee, they told me if I voted McCain in 2008 GITMO would be open and torturing terrorists for information… AND THEY WERE RIGHT!

Links to the Compound pictures and footage:

Compound footage; bloody.

Osama Bin Laden Dead: Inside the Kill Site Video – ABC News This doesn’t jive either. I thought the place was ablaze last night? How is it ABC has an exclusive on this?

More Clips of the compound from Verum Serum.

The compound – Found on Google Earth.

More pictures of the compound – The Blaze.

Bin Laden’s Military Safe House Hide-away – Doug Powers

2008: US forces were yards from OBL’s hideout – Mediaite

Links about Bin Laden's Body:

Bin Laden Dead and Buried at Sea, Navy SEALs Heroes, America Celebrates – Usama Bin Laden – Fox NationThis one really enrages me. Bin Laden murdered people the world over, many of whom’s families had nothing to bury much less have a proper funeral. This agent of the Devil was given burial rites and put in the Sea?? The world deserves to see the body of this monster – almost 10 years later, the families of 9/11, the families of our military, the soldiers themselves and this entire country have more than earned that right. Sorry, but I don’t want some Islamic apologist funeral. I want proof. I want that man’s body on display. UPDATE: So much for the “no shrine if we chuck him in the sea” theory – Devout Muslims calling Arabian Sea where OBL was chucked overboard the “Martyr’s Sea”.

Burial was done off the USS Carl Vinson. I hope each and every one of them pissed on the corpse after it was apparently ‘washed’ and given traditional burial rites. WTF SERIOUSLY?

Was burial at sea a mistake? If you’re asking me, that’s a Hell yes.

Oh Gee, maybe the world deserves to see the body pictures – Blaze. Related: Obama milking this for all it’s worth – Gateway Pundit.

Sea burial not in line with Islam, says cleric – Yahoo. Gee, neither is murdering thousands of people.. oh wait, yes it is. Never mind.

Links on Ramifications:

Osama Bin Laden Dead: His Pakistan Protectors – The Daily Beast

Gaza condemns the killing. This will of course be an excuse to launch rockets at Israel.

Pakistan Intelligence Agency implicated in hiding OBL – Jihad Watch

Crowd of mostly students who were in grade school when 9/11 happened start chanting Obama slogans – Gateway Pundit. This is utterly nauseating. Those deriding all the ‘islamophobes’ out there and bandwagoners of the ‘Blame Palin for Gifford Shooting’ are dancing in the streets like Islamist did on 9/11 in the Middle East. What was that line they kept slapping us with? OH yeah.. “We have to set an example. We are better than that.”

Obama made no bones about taking credit last night with his ‘top priority’ that we heard nothing about until last night. Michelle Malkin concurs: All About Obama: Who’s politicizing bin Laden kill?

Muslims are rioting in Jerusalem over the news.

Pakistanis are burning flags and rioting. Update: Pro-Osama rallies – Jihad Watch.

There is also unrest in the UK.

Wikileaks cables examined by Indian papers on US classification of Pakistan’s ISI as a ‘Terrorist Organization’ – MEMRI. So wait, Obama gave 7 billion in aid to a terrorist group? Update: Pakistan warns US about doing any other raids in their country – Jihad Watch. You’re on thin ice, Pakistan – stfu.

The United Nations wants the US to answer for Human Rights violations for going into Pakistan – Jawa Rpt. Yes – you read that right.

‘Linchpin’ of Hunt for OBL’s Courier Apprehended in 2004 in…Iraq – Jawa Rpt. Sorry Obama, but you can claim nothing but being in the right place at the right time the intel finally got used. Update: It gets worse Sr. Army Major lived next door to OBL and Musharraf jogged in the area – Both from Telegraph.

Links of Debunkers:

Bin Laden was long dead.

Obama stated his top priority was getting Bin Laden in last night’s statement. This pre-inaugural interview says otherwise.

Can U.S. offer Final proof Bin Laden is Dead? – Yahoo UK

Wikileaks: Pakistan protected Bin Laden almost all ten years. They have the nerve to cry foul now and their former president is saying this is a violation of Pakistani sovereignty. Yeah, up yours pal -and you shoulda thought of that before taking billions from us.

The photo was a fake.  From the Link: “MSNBC further reports:

A senior U.S. official says that they are still deciding whether to release a still photo of dead bin Laden.

“It is really, really graphic,” the official said, adding that U.S. officials are trying to decide whether it is just too graphic to put out.

9/11 was really, really graphic, too, if I remember right.

I say, release the photo.”


Miscellaneous Stories/ Links:

 FOX affiliate and Keith Olbermann both run with headline: Obama Bin Laden Dead. – Mediaite And here I thought my status update last night was unique!

Whoops. MSNBC did it too. – BB Big Journalism

FBI most wanted: OBL DECEASED.

Facebook of course now has OBL Commemorative and ‘Honor’ pages springing up. – MEMRI

Hillary Clinton’s Remarcks – May 2, 2011 – WSJ Online

Hitler is told the news Obama is dead. This one is for the LOLs we all need right  now.

The dumbest reaction to OBL so far – Jonah Goldberg, NRO

Think they are giving up now that OBL is dead? Nope -Jihad Watch. No action we take nor inaction for that matter will keep Islamist Jihadis from trying to kill us. Related: Al Qaeda is not a leader, it is an institution – Jihad Watch

No bounce for Obama – Gateway Pundit. Good, people are smarter than you think Barry. Related: How Obama bungled the OBL aftermath.- American Thinker

Obama admin changes the story again. Now Bin Laden didn’t use wife as a human shield – Mediaite First it was a bombing a week ago, then it was a covert on the ground op a day ago. The WTF 2012 logo should be a big pair of Flip Flops. Related: Inconvenient Facts about the OBL Take down – Red state Update: Just tell the truth, White House – RWNEWS Another Update: OBL’s Daughter: They captured him then shot him in front of us. – Gateway Pundit and Obama took 16 hours to decide what to do. – Jawa Rpt If Obama was ‘so decisive’ about killing the guy why is he floundering on showing photos? No matter how you dice this, the Obama admin look like a bunch of noobs now. Another Update: Hillary was just coughing & Now no shots fired on seals & Staged Photos. Another Update: Obama now being said to have ‘planned the OBL attack’ himself during NCAA bracket picks – Mediaite.

Judicial Watch files FOIA for OBL photos and video. -Gateway Pundit

Dershowitz threatens lawsuit to release OBL photos and video. – NRO

This won’t fit in Barry’s narrative: It was al-Qaida facilitator Hassan Ghul, a terrorist captured in Iraq, who gave US officials information on the courier’s identity. – Gateway Pundit

89% of Americans credit the Military with OBL takedown – CNS news.

The guy living nearby who broke the story via twitter – Atlantic

Bin Laden had cash, phone numbers hidden in his clothes – NY Post

Bush to Obama: No thanks to Obama’s GZ Victory Dance. – Gateway Pundit

Iraqi TV: Bin Laden a Saint – Jihad Watch So, what was this about not releasing the photos again? Yeah. Right – exactly who’s sensitivities are we protecting here again? That’s right, the ones who want us dead no matter what we do or don’t do.

Obama tried to do a Victory lap at Ground Zero. 9/11 Family declines invite; doesn’t want to be a photo-op. – Gateway Pundit Oh, and he decided at the last minute not to give a speech at GZ. I sense a theme here: I will do something.. on second thought no I won’t. FLIP FLOP! I bet you dollars to doughnuts that he was going to to the ‘reclaiming america’ speech I mentioned in the 5/5 morning links, until he decided not to.

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