They Said What!? – April 2011

  • Welcome to “They Said What?!” – a recurring monthly entry that highlights all the fantastically stupid things (and sometimes just fantastic things) said by politicians, celebrities, journalists, bloggers and anyone else who happens to wander into the headlights of the ‘LameStream’ media.

April was even bigger than March for useful idiots, a.k.a Congress. I’ve had to condense my usual snarky and sarcastic commentary just to be able to include all these gems.

Warning: Some links contain NSFW language and/or imagery.

Budget Crisis Bonanza & Government Shutdown Showdown:

Obama’s Greatest Hits:

Political Petards:

Howard Dean –  “It is not a news organization, it is a very expensive, incredibly well-funded, right-wing propaganda organization.” FOX is a propaganda machine but MSNBC just has “bias”. Right. Video clip here.

Nancy Pelosi – “elections shouldn’t matter as much”

Janet Napolitano – “Our country’s safest communities are at the border”. The stunning idiocy of that statement has me lacking anything to say but, WOW.

Loretta Sanchez – Too many bigoted statements, insults and inaccuracies for one quote. Suffices to say she used a southern accent and derided the Tea Party and the Constitution. Listen here.

Jim McDermott – Tired of reading the Constitution.

Donna Brazile – ‘Whites are racist and afraid, which is why the Democrats don’t do well with White voters’. She must be from the Eric Holder School of “My People”. Watch the whole clip.

Lindsey Graham – In response to the violence in the Middle East being blamed on one many burning a Qu’ran in the United States, Graham said this,  “I wish we could find some way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war. During World War II, you had limits on what you could do if it inspired the enemy.”

David Cheatham – One of the Flee Baggers from Indiana likens his recent budget experience to serving in Afghanistan. I find his name ironic and funny given what he pulled.

Lois Capps – “That makes climate change a bigger public health problem than AIDS, than malaria, than pandemic flu,” REALLY? Lay on some hyperbole there, Lois. Yes, she’s a Democrat from California.

Rashad Hussain – “I am of the opinion that one of the strongest tools that you can use to counter radicalization and violent extremism is Islam itself, because Islam rejects violent extremism,” . Let me know how that circular logic works out for ya while we count the bodies.

NBC News – “Burning the Koran is worse then burning the Bible”

Donald Trump – Obama is an ass-kisserObama is an awful President, rips Gail Collins a new one in a letter, and is called a “Racist” and that he should “just shut up” by Bill ‘Jello’ Cosby. Billy has some advice to Trump that now seems like foreshadowing.

They have brass ones… Just Sayin’:

Michael Scheuer – “You’re just carrying water for Obama!” HEH!

Hermain Cain – “Obama is not the President of Black people”. Gosh I really like this guy.

Geraldo Rivera – “Libyan rebels have the fire discipline of an L.A. street gang!”

Liberals, Loons and Celebs:


  1. “Conservatives are Wildly stupid”
  2. tweeted about S.E. Cupp: “On so many levels she’s a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does”, (Cupp fired back strong and hard).

Bill Maher:

  1. “Obama is a terrible negotiator, does he even know a Jew?”
  2. Michelle Bachmann’s Birth Certificate reads ‘stupid, even for a baby”
  3. “It’s like if Dad is a violent drunk and beats his kids, you don’t blame the kid because he set Dad off. You blame Dad because he’s a violent drunk,” 
  4. There would be less suicide bombers if muslim men got laid more often
  5. Tea partiers are ‘sad, fat and useful idiots’ – that earned a censor at CBS.

Farrakhan  – “This is why we don’t trust White people” and  one big profane rant.

Michael Moore & The Daily KoS – The election in WI must have fraud, Prosser won!

Michael Moore – tweets “9/11 mass murders were criminals. Obama caves to Congress, will try them in Bush’s “gitmo” court.”

Rosanne Barr – Michael Moore should run for President.

Charlie Sheen – “In a recent poll, they told me I’d bring down that whore [Sarah] Palin. I don’t have time for that nonsense.”

Meatloaf – screams and rants at Gary Busey… over art supplies.

Alec Baldwin – “The financial crisis has crippled Obama from doing any new spending”

Joyless Behar opened her mouth again. This time referring to Palin as ‘Jock Itch’.

The MSNBC Moron Roundup:

Chris Matthews:

  • “I mean, Gene, this is out-of-bounds talk! I’ll tell you what, the DNC needs to make Boehner the target of all their direct mail fundraising right now. He should be their public enemy number one! They’ve got to cut him off at his knees. They’ve got to knock him off!…Remember that scene in The Godfather, Part II, where Fredo goes out on the fishing boat and is, you know, disposed of? Maybe someone in the White House might want to suggest to Boehner that a great way to work on that tan of his, go on a fishing trip, you know what I’m saying? Because, seriously, this kind of violent rhetoric from the likes of Boehner just needs to stop!”
  • “Victory for civil discourse”

Rachel Madcow:

  • “That sort of tells you everything you need to know about how the beltway sees the relationship between the Democratic party and the Democratic party’s base …But a Democratic president kicks his base in the teeth on something as fundamental as civil liberties, he puts the nail in coffin of a civil liberties promise he made on his first full day in office and does it on the first day of his reelection effort? The beltway reaction to that is, good move … That’s the difference between Republican politics and Democratic politics.”
  • “You have a responsibility to come out of the closet”

Lawrence O’Donnell:

Mika Brzezinski:


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