Long Form Shenanigans

Barry scolded the nation again today in a press conference to tell us all that he has no time for this ‘silliness’ and there is ‘more important work to be done’. Yeah, like jumping on Air Force One to go tape an episode of Oprah. So serious and important!

If this whole thing was so silly and you have important work to do, why did you leave it dangling on the hook for two years? I think Barry was the kind of kid that pulled chairs out from behind other kids right before they were going to sit down.

It’s more than mildly distasteful but completely in line with the hypocrisy and flip-flops we are accustomed to from him, that he took what is ‘so silly’ and yet made it so important he himself had to come out and hold a campaign speech press conference on it.

A few things that stand out to me:

1. He made this into a campaign moment under the guise of a serious press conference.

2. The long form he produced is a copy (again) of the abstract on file. It is also missing the signatures on the bottom. An example of a 1961 long form which should be identical to the one Obama produced today is here. Compare it to the PDF of the long form the White House blog has available here. I call shenanigans. Again.

3. We’ve been harped at that you can only request the long form in Hawaii by doing it in person. Does this not apply to the President? Apparently not. It’s stamped April 25, 2011 – Which begs the question, why did you wait two years to put it out there if you could get it with a simple phone call and two days later have it in your hands?

4. Corsi’s book is about to come out which is all about the background and birth certificate on Barry. This is an obvious pre-emptive strike. I’m still getting the book. Obama sincerely loves to misdirect instead of lead which is the crux of this entire lack of transparency from the ‘transparency president’.

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