Dear HBO – Fire Maher.

Fed up with reading about Bill Maher and his repulsive brand of ‘political commentary and comedy’? Personally I am tired of my ears bleeding every time he opens his vile and juvenile mouth. Frankly, HBO really screwed the pooch getting rid of Dennis Miller and inserting this jackwagon into the mix.

The link is here to for you to give feed back to HBO on Bill Maher:


Don’t give him a pass people, think about Michael Richards, Dr. Laura and even Mel Gibson. They said far less than Maher has over the last couple years yet he remains basically unscathed. Click the link and tell it like it is — the man is a giant attention whore and gets that attention through verbal abuse.  Racist, anti-semitic, homophobic and misogynistic slurs are not comedy nor are they valid commentary. Hooray for New civility!

UPDATE: The Daily Caller has run an opinion piece on Mr. Maher and his mouth. Their story includes a link to a petition to HBO to remove his show. Being held accountable for one’s actions isn’t just for the ‘Right’, Bill, just like elections having consequences.

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