Here We Go – Hold On.

The following is a copy of an email I sent to myself right after Obama was elected to office. I pulled it out to see where I stood with some of my musings. Turns out I pretty accurate with the exception of the Oil Spill, Japan and Libya.

Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 8:44 AM

Subject: Here We Go – Hold On.

Well, I can’t say I am totally surprised by last nights results but I am indeed disturbed. The Democrats will now have majority control over the Senate, Congress and are in the White house. God have mercy on us.

I am keeping this email to see how many of these things will come true after 4 years of an Obama regime:

1. The Fairness Doctrine will be re-instated and enforced. Meaning that all radio, tv and newspapers now must give “fair” and equal time to all opinions. Having said that, any and all of these outlets showing anything republican or to the right will be eradicated. Palin will always have a target on her back from Obama and Emanuel’s little attack groups.
2. Obama will set up a new internal policing force within homeland security or associated with it that will basically be in charge of threatening, incarcerating and prosecuting anyone who criticizes his administration. This could also just be an already established agency bent on demoralizing anyone who objects.
3. Taxes will be doubled, but he will downplay them via misdirection and ‘deficit cut’ double talk.
4. We will see a new generation of ‘hand out’ lifestyle degenerates. The Government has always supported them, why stop now! This will be accompanied by all new ‘social programs’ that will basically allow illegals to live here without even having to work under the table for money anymore. I would bet we’ll see vast increases in illegals numbers coming over the border; Mexico is way to unstable and it is only going to get worse.
5. His tax ‘refunds’ will not be what he promised and will themselves be counted as taxable income. Hell, he will probably fight renewing the Bush cuts when they come up.
6. Health Care costs will double – at minimum. Employers will be forced to drop coverages leaving you and I to search out anything we can find that won’t break our budgets. Everyone will be forced onto some form of a government program.
7. We will have some kind of attack or series of attacks on us within his first year. If not the first year then definitely the second. It will on a 9/11 scale and will most likely directly correspond with troop removal.
8. Stocks will plunge as more and more business close their doors due to his tax hikes & repealing the bush tax cuts. He will attempt to control Wall Street and the banking industry in order to ‘spread the wealth’.
9. Gas will go through the roof once he gets his taxes and ideas on energy controls are applied. He won’t drill, ever. Inflation will return with a vengeance. Interest rates will rise & a whole new crop of people will be out of their homes. Gas, clothes, food – all will rise.
10. IRA’s, 401K’s and educational savings programs will be forced over into new “federal savings programs’. After all, the government knows better how to make the most of your money than you do!
11. He will cut the military by at least 25% in all areas – budget, personnel and locations we send them to. He’ll flip flop on Guantanamo a few times.
12. The unemployment rate will soar.
13. His buddies at ACORN, SEIU and MoveOn.Org as well as Organizing for America will never be far away. I’d lay a bet he puts at least 2-3 of his closest revolutionary pals in cabinet or czar positions.
14. He will not even touch illegal immigration; those are potential voters for him! I would estimate he will even go as far as to defend it in some manner.
15. He will play the race card when he fails to meet public expectations.
16. He will be a one term president. In following his own narrative (or the teleprompter) he will show all his true nature – which is a nice mix of progressivism and faculty room/faux-scholarship elitist ideas. He will be shown as arrogant and tone-deaf to what the country wants and undeterred in bringing the United States down a peg or ten both at home and globally.


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