Islamophobe? Nope. Truth-o-phile.

I am not a bigot, racist, anti-Semite, Islamophobe (the new term Libs are adopting for those of us who dare to be appalled at the GZ Victory mosque/Cordoba Initiative) or any other such term with discriminatory tones. I do not believe in political correctness. As I’ve stated before, political correctness is nothing short of censorship and it is evil. I have read many books, articles and stories regarding those following Islam and Sharia Law.  I have talked to several following the faith face to face. Not one of these sources has convinced me that Islam has peace anywhere in its moral constructs, much less in the Koran itself – of which I have read a good deal of. For those of you unfamiliar with Islam or Sharia, you need to make an effort here. This is not in some far away country anymore. Several states are allowing the usage of Sharia in their courts – most recently highlighted is in Florida. Last year alone, over 100 “honor” killings or murders with similar connotations took place in the United States. Many were filed under Domestic Disputes but all had one common link: Islam.

A few fun facts from the Koran & Sharia Law Texts:

  • While in public, women must cover their faces with a Hijab.
  • Men can have up to four wives and can divorce (called talaq) at their option. If they do not divorce their first wife but just abandon her, she is obliged to carry on as a married woman and cannot seek out another spouse without risking the traditional punishment for adultery: stoning. Stoning is done in public by first wrapping a person in a blanket and burying them in a deep hole exposing their head and the population gathered around is invited to throw large stones at the adulterer, the size of which Sharia law prescribes, and a sentence always fatal.
  • The penalty after a fourth conviction of a homosexual act is death.
  • Adoption is not allowed. Adults can become guardians of the children of others but not the legal parents through adoption.
  • Sharia law prohibits dating and marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim and it is practically impossible for a Muslim (even a recent convert) to renounce the Muslim faith.
  • Any abandonment of the Muslim faith is itself a serious crime (apostasy) with severe punishment.
  • Sharia law has a stringent evidentiary requirement for eye witnesses, preferably from men. Convictions for crimes cannot be based on circumstantial evidence alone.
  • Vagrancy can carry tough penalties such as jail and caning.
  • Generally, a person alleged to have violated Sharia laws in the states governed by them would not be pursued, or apprehended, in states not governed by Sharia laws.
  • Many states which implement Sharia law have blasphemy statutes which punishes by prison or death any person who such as preaching Christianity or the distribution of Christian items.

Those are just a few highlights, there is quite a bit more. We have all heard the stories of women buried to their necks and stoned to death. It happens to the men too. For children caught committing an act deemed illegal under sharia law, they may only have their arms broken or a finger removed. It is not uncommon for a woman to have her eyes put out if her husband or male relatives even suspect her of looking at a man unrelated to her.  Beheading is not something of fiction either.This is not just happening in the Middle East and Africa. This is widespread in Europe and the UK has been battling well-funded groups of Muslims attempting to brute force Sharia Law into the British legal system. Now it has trickled into the United States.

Are all those who follow Islam violent? No. I don’t think that but I do believe that those who would be peaceful are held silent by those who are not. You would have to be completely blind not to see the retribution brought against those who speak against Islam & the violence attributed to its following of Sharia law. It is my personal opinion, that those practicing or converting who live here in the United States – those born here – are a different ideology than those of densely and almost one hundred percent muslim populated countries.

Someone asked sarcastically of me once if I was really afraid that Islam was taking over the world and trying to force Sharia law on us as a means to imply I was being over-reactive about the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. To that person, I replied that it is not  by my own design that I think that but I merely recognize what the purpose of the Cordoba Initiative truly is. They chose that place for a reason. Some in favor of it argue it is not even at Ground Zero. Those people do not realize the dust, debris, wreckage, body parts and bits of bone go well beyond the impact site — they stretch for several blocks in all directions. That’s just geography – Ground Zero remains in every single American walking the planet today.

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque was chosen on purpose as it has a portion of the landing gear from one of the planes in its rooftop. Image here of it, it has since removed from Park51 which is condemned yet holds daily prayer there and has for years. Didn’t know that did you?  They have obfuscated their names, the project name, their intentions and have used every means available to them to insist that we are the ones being intolerant. That we are the ones who are offending them.  They are using political correctness as a whip to drive us into submitting to their will and to cower before them in a second wave of attack: A Mega-Mosque built on the cemetery of our fallen.

So my return question to that friend was: At what point will the pressure to be politically correct allow Islam to deal its deathblow to America?

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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