They Said What?! for February 2011

Welcome to “They Said What?!” – a recurring monthly entry that highlights all the fantastically stupid things said by politicians, celebrities, journalists, bloggers and anyone else who happens to wander into the headlights of the ‘LameStream’ media.

Warning: Some links contain NSFW language and/or imagery.

Here are the Useful Idiots, in no particular order, for February 2011:

Barry Obama is true to his Faith and his God, but doesn’t  happen to mention who they might be. Given he threw his support behind the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, I’ll wager Allah hears a lot of his prayers.

Amy Woodruff is all about helping pimps maintain their stock of underage sex slaves. Her advice is to pimps everywhere is “If they are minors, tell them to put down that they are students…Just kinda play along that they are students. We wanna make it look as legit as possible.” Six other sting videos have since surfaced. When do we get to cut their $350 million in tax payer funding?

Common Cause is cutting edge in their leading of the nation’s Lefties in the new civility. Maybe we should string them up and send them back to the fields? The rally was held by Common Cause (a corporation) to protest the Koch Brothers (another corporation) for making money (oh, the humanity and hypocrisy).

Joe Biden would like us to ‘Seize the Future’… come on Joe, one more letter and you’ve got the perfect follow up to Obama’s WTF speech. Heh.

Michelle Obama continues to dictate to all of us what to eat, because we lack the confidence to order what we want in restaurants. She was too busy stuffing her piehole on SuperBowl Sunday. To her, that smorgasboard of fat and calories is “moderation” to us, that’s called hypocrisy. Indeed, MO is lockstep with her husband in the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ club.

Barry Obama hearts the Chamber of Commerce now. Apparently they are not an evil tool of foreign countries hell bent on rigging our elections through anonymous donations. Nay, they need to get on board and make sure that companies are sharing their profits with the proletariat workers.

Aaron Sorkin is making a second career out of hating Sarah Palin. Poor guy. Maybe he’ll write a movie script where he can demean women in every scene. Oh wait…heh.

Rick Santorum says to Hell with bringing sexy back. Misogyny is the new sexy. Good thing he doesn’t have to deal with the responsibility of all seven of his kids!

Bill Maher continues his revisions to history and considers Marx and Lenin to be ‘Right Wingers’. Ah Bill, one of these days you need so share whatever it is you’re smoking with the rest of us.

Meghan McCain just can’t seem to shut up. It’s gotten to the point where you have to cringe in embarrassment for her because it’s obvious she got cut from some E! reality show at some point. As for being or having had been pregnant as a prerequisite for being invited to certain engagements — well, you might want to stock up on microwave popcorn and a stack of videos, honey. No man in their right mind would want to breed with an attention whore like you. (P.S. Hey John – put a leash on her already, huh?  P.S.S. Meg, your book was incoherent and an exercise in vapidity.)

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, showed us just how informed and intelligent he was in front of Congress with his views on the Muslim Brotherhood which he divined mostly from CNN.  Somehow the Muslim Brotherhood is “very heterogeneous group, largely secular”.

Barry Obama is at it again telling us little people how to live and to fork over more of our money for his endless list of programs and entitlements. “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner. You might put off a vacation”. Really Mr. President, when was the last time you or Michelle skipped a meal or put off a vacation in the last two years? Your arrogance and condescension is becoming epic and the 2012 election when we kick you to the curb is not coming fast enough for many Americans.

Suhail Khan says the Muslim Brotherhood does not exist in the United States. Oh really? Tell that to all of these guys. Didn’t ACORN teach you anything about the name game?

Nir Rosen is one helluva compassionate guy when it comes to Lara Logan trying to one-up Anderson Cooper. His apology is hollow and too late. Grow up, sir – or better yet, resign.

Nancy Pelosi is back in the saddle again doing one of her comedic routines on the floor of the house the other night in defense of Obamacare. “Republicans put women and children last” is her view. You can’t make this stuff up… because Nancy has already beaten you to it.

John Wiley Price thinks everyone, especially the white folks, can “Go to Hell”. One does not know whether to feel sorry for him being so utterly ignorant and classless or to laugh at it. His attempt to re-direct the Islamic reference attributed to him by another member of the committee into a racial slur towards blacks was quite a stretch as Wiley is of Muslim leanings and I suspect knows very well what a Mullah is.

Charlie Sheen knows that crack cocaine is a helluva drug but if you can manage is socially, then, like, you know… go for it. Sober is so boring. Will this be the end of Two and Half men? Dare we to dream? His ex-wife says this is nothing new. UPDATE: Our dream was fulfilled and Charlie did not spare the four letter words for his bosses. 2nd Update: He’s a rockstar from mars who is underpaid.

Barry Obama is having a banner month and is my pick for the most useful idiot for February. As tensions escalate over Governor Walker of Wisonsin proposing that teachers there actually contribute to their healthcare and pension plans instead of the taxpayers footing all of their bill, Barry being the Divider in Chief that he is, sides with the Unions. In a go-ahead nod to Unions and the Left to wreak havoc in Wisconsin, the President said that Walker’s budget was “an assault on unions”. No less than hours after that statement, Organizing for America was on the scene along with the AFL-CIO to stir the protests into a full out New Civility frenzy complete with flee-bagging democrats and a guest appearance by professional clown, Jesse Jackson. No worries though, Barry and Michelle are off to Vail this weekend to ignore yet another national incident. Congratulations, Barry, you’ve started your own Cairo and you’re still on the wrong side of it.

Michael Moore jumps on the Obama-backed Uprising in Wisconsin as he tweetsMadison is the new Cairo! Wisconsin teachers, nurses, firefighters — shut the state down! All of working America is with u!”  Uh, Mikey.. can I call you Mikey? Speak for yourself, because I am pretty sure that America is with the taxpayers of WI and Governor Walker on this one. Thanks for stopping by with your predictable babble. Go try and be relevant to those who questionably admire you by remaking “Show Girls” or something…

Joy Behar has opened her mouth again. This time her bad breath and shrill voice target pro-lifers. I don’t think going forward I will waste any time on coming up with anything clever for her but instead I think “opened her mouth again” will suffice. Joyless Behar – dropping IQ points one word at a time.

Keith Olbermann hearts Michelle Malkin. Michelle hearts him back with a one words smack down: “Thank you!”  Stay Classy, Olby.

Protesters, Union Thugs and Socialist nuts everywhere, not just in WI, were too numerous expressing the New Civility and doing too many Non-Violent things this month. So this portion is a round up – including some commentators and public officials inciting death and bloodshed. Here are three of them identified. Nut-bags with New civility language are here, here and here. Thugs are here, here, here, here and here. Racist New Civility with a side of bigotry is here. I admit, I ran out of steam adding to this section – just too many to include.


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