Collective Hostage Taking

I’ve been watching Wisconsin like the rest of America and here’s the Lady’s Take on this:

1. The teachers yelling at the top of their lungs should consider saving their breath… and their jobs. The state is out of money. Walker has given you a chance to keep your jobs. This requires you actually pay part of your own way for your healthcare and pension — LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA. Stop listening to your Union Masters and think about what is being offered to you: Job or No Job. You pick, we can wait, because come Tuesday your fraudulent use of sick time will come to and end for many of you and you will have to choose. This is not about your personal collective bargaining or union bargaining but about the education of kids and keeping educators in front of them. Stop taking the kids hostage.

2. The “flee-bagging” Democrats who are apparently hiding out in Chicago now of all places need to return to the state and do their jobs. It may seem like you are making some kind of strategic and smart move by putting the vote off, but you’re not. You are in fact the laughing-stock of this country. It is not the ha-ha kind of laugh either, but a laugh of utter disgust for your childish answer to a grown up question. Go home. Now.

3. To the Astroturf protestors, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Socialist of America, Communists of America: the jig is up.  We see you in all your America & democracy hating glory. If this incident has shown one thing to be true, it is to expose you for the power/fear mongering and greedy extortionists you are. Never has such a stark example of corruption and distortion of a worker situation been brought into the national spotlight. In some way, we should all thank you – any blinders that had been on about what ‘good work’ unions do is now eradicated.

4. To the DNC and Organizing for America I would like to point out to you here and now you are traitors to your country and your progressive attack on the citizens therein is a failure. Anyone who heard Nancy Pelosi yesterday say how ‘proud she was of the democrats’ that had fled the state and that she ‘stands behind the workers’ will not be listening to you & your Boss trying to “Win the Future”. We all see you for what you are and you are not Americans. Period. Go prop up some other dictatorship then throw them under the bus.

5. “This is an assault on Unions.” – Barack Hussein Obama

This is a go-ahead nod from a sitting President to his party, campaign propaganda machine and his pals, the unions, to wreak havoc & spur unrest onto the Capitol building in Wisconsin. A President who openly gives a nod to such activities is not a friend of the people of this country, but a friend to socialist ideals and theory – both of which haven been proven failures when applied in reality. His new campaign slogan is “Win the Future”. Ponder on that while considering what is happening in WI. WTF, indeed.

Now consider a new message, “Win the People”. Consider that message and the solid advice, loyalty to this country and consistent stance of the person using it – Sarah Palin.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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