Parenting 101 from MO: Trick Your Kids

From The Blaze:

I don’t know about anyone else, but making my kid run around the house looking for something that is sitting right next to me has got to be one of THE lamest PSA attempts I have ever seen. I am certain millions of taxpayer dollars went into crafting this “cute” parenting tip. Tip my butt, that’s lying to your kids for one thing and the impact that little amount of movement had on that kid or any other is next to nil.

Anyone note the target audience in the interview part of the video? It would appear that MO follows her in her husband’s footsteps in targeting the needs of the few versus the needs of the many… not to mention those rough neighborhoods where it isn’t ‘safe’ to play outside have no proven relationship to childhood obesity. It’s pretty safe to say those kids who live in such neighborhoods are not so much worried about getting fat as they are surviving to see their next birthdays. Could this FLOTUS be more offensively out of touch?

2012 cannot come soon enough to get this woman out of our homes, kitchens and lives.

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