Muslim Brotherhood Hearts Al Qaeda

“Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told House lawmakers that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is “largely secular” and has rejected violence and decried al-Qaida as a perversion of Islam, NJ’s Chris Strohm reports.”

Clapper is making the joke about the CIA being an oxymoron relevant again all on his own.

Psst, Clapper... Al Qaeda was a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and is now competition for them that gets in the way of their long-term plans, that is why the MB decries them.

It’s not that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “reformed” terrorist group working for democracy now, they just work from the inside with more low profile tactics.
Think of it this way:

Two neighbors like to hunt deer – The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. The Muslim Brotherhood likes to sit in the brush, learn the layout of the deer’s habitat and once the deer relaxes, they move in for the kill. The deer never know what hit them. Al Qaeda, on the other hand, takes a no prisoners approach and likes to drive through the woods in a Humvee with a machine gun mounted on the roof shooting anything that moves. They are loud and messy and they make the deer run off. You can see how perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood does not like Al Qaeda hunting in their forest with them.

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