The Battle For Your Bulge

I’ve been watching. I’ve been listening. I’ve been slowly coming to a full head of steam and now I just can’t sit still and not say something.

Where is the move in Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign?

How about YOU move some, MO?

I’ve seen very little of any of the exercise the title of this program espouses, but plenty of over-lording going on. So far, I’ve seen her attack parents on being able to even choose what to serve their kids, telling us that we can’t leave it up to the parents to choose what is right for their children. Then she has the nerve recently to tell those parents they can’t even make decisions for themselves when eating out, especially when it comes to portion sizes. Let me get this straight…Food prices are soaring and you want to limit portion sizes so we are getting less for our dollar? Right. Starvation, there’s one way to cure obesity! Have you never heard of a doggy bag Michelle? I don’t think your husband has…

I’ve seen her dictate to us what to eat and not what to eat, then she and her family are seen the next day shoveling down barbecue, cheeseburgers or ice cream at an alarming rate – when you can catch them in the act since the FLOTUS has banned pictures of her eating from being taken. It is clear Mrs. Obama is from the Marie Antoinette School and that more than just cake is on her menu.

One Rule for YOU and another for ME.

I’ve watched her speeches on “Food Deserts“, a concept that is totally made up to serve a purpose: creating a sense of drama and crisis that we have entire swaths of people who are fat because they lack good access to grocery stores.

Wait, what?

That’s right, we’re all horribly obese and we’re killing our kids with bad food yet we have “Food Deserts”. No one seems to remember that the remedy for erasing these “Food Deserts” comes with a $400 million price tag. She also touts “healthful foods” as a main thrust point in most of the talks she gives. I saw her definition of “healthful” recently reading the White House Super Bowl menu; my arteries flexed defensively just from the first few items on it alone. Apparently it’s ‘moderation’ for her but a no-no for us peons.

Here, have a leaf. It’s healthful. Me? I’m having the cheeseburger. With Fries.

What really galls me is how her war on our pantries and menu items is costing us about ten billion dollars over the next decade. Fear not though, she’s getting it via the Dems double dipping into a union pay-off bill that will be stealing from the food stamps program. Oh the irony! As if that weren’t bad enough, the legislation signed into law by her husband, is even going after the common bake sale. A lot of people had something to say about that, but I think Palin did it pretty well. Our schools are struggling to make ends meet as it is, bake sales are a much needed revenue boost to some programs. Nice going Michelle – now get back to banning those vending  machines near the cafeterias.

The next bite we take may cost us jail time!

I’ve watched her brow beat food companies, food distributors and restaurant chains over the last year. Michelle Obama has been relentless in her use of blackmail and strong-arm tactics, aided by the media, to get these groups to yield. She has seriously intruded into corporate business with no legal cause or basis to do so other than the “nutritional guidelines” and “nutritional studies” attached to her program. She has even begun changing the food pyramid to reflect the goals and statements of “Let’s Move”. it is now the most complex food pyramid we’ve every seen – everyone stop and marvel at how hard it is to eat healthy!  All of this is seemingly in the name of curbing Childhood Obesity and ’empowering parents and caregivers’. The empowering parents part particularly makes me roll my eyes. The level of condescension is incredible, but what do I know, I can’t make choices about what I put in my mouth and need someone to save me from myself apparently. Not only that, but I cannot be trusted to make the right choices for my children either. Apparently, she is from the government and she’s here to help. Frightening at best, considering how utterly wrong government agencies have been in their food advice, not to mention the debacle with sunscreen and sun exposure that has resulted in huge vitamin D deficiencies and the subsequent large rise of cancer in other parts of the body as well as other diseases.

Hypocrisy is so delicious!

Looking at the website for the campaign, you are overwhelmed with information, policies, guides, charts, facts and how you can take action. I have a little theory that the information overload is intentional and helps her achieve the sense that you can’t do it on your own. Who can sort through the pages and pages of links, .pdfs and other data she supplies? Who can tell what is factual and what is based on flawed data or outdated information? Well question no more, you need and will be to be told what to eat and how much of it. I am a huge fan of being informed and making your own decisions about any given action that might impact my life, health or that of my family. The one part of her plan I actually do like is the re-packaging initiative to make nutritional information more prominent and easy to read. What I am not a fan of is the government nanny routine that seems to be ever-increasing in frequency and in over-reaches.

Remember, this is a giant crisis and we cannot think for ourselves or make our own choices. Liberty? Freedom? Not when it comes to your stomachs! We must remove all evils from pantries, grocery stores, and restaurants. The next step will be to make things like salt, fat, sugar and alcohol illegal. You just watch, the FDA will try. After all, it will be in the name of National Security. Stop your nudging, Mrs. Obama.

Michelle Cheering on her Husband’s Healthful food choice!

Our Liberty is being stripped from us in increments. I have been saying this for quite some time. The Nanny State is gaining steam via the efforts of the Left trying to save their fellow man whether they like it or not.  If we don’t take a stand soon, those of us who would be free will be living underground, hoarding secret stashes of salt in our floorboards perhaps. You might roll your eyes at that idea and laugh, but it’s not unimaginable

Bottom Line: policing what we eat or don’t eat not the job of government. Don’t sit silently by while your life is decided for you. Arm yourself with information, make your own choices and defend them.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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