They Said What?! for January 2011

Welcome to the first installment of a segment I am calling “They Said What?!” which will be a recurring monthly entry that will highlight all the fantastically stupid things said by politicians, celebrities, journalists, bloggers and anyone else who happens to wander into the headlights of the ‘LameStream’ media.

Here is the collection of Useful Idiots for January, 2011:

Roger Ebert regaled us with his preference to be called the N word as opposed to being called a slave. Then does it again after being called out for it the first time.  Isn’t he just the brightest bulb in the bunch? Do us a favor Roger and stick to your snotty and often insight lacking movie reviewing.

Ezra Klein apparently thinks the Constitution has no binding power and is like, old or something. Mr. Klein should be receiving millions of thank you notes from parents all over the country who because of his wisdom filled words are now homeschooling their kids.

Joy Behar ponders:Is all this Constitution Loving getting out of hand?Then the mirror on the wall told her she would never be smartest of them all and walked off The View. She also has a problem with people wearing the American Flag pin.. at the State of the Union address.

Stephen Baldwin is an internet tough guy. I’m waiting for him to tell Hannity that his dad can beat up Hannity’s dad.

Mark Moulitsas tweets his love to Sarah Palin over the Tuscon Shootings just hours after it occurs. Hey Mark, why did the KoS pull that”BlueBoy” entry from your site at the same time?

Eugene Robinson thinks Michelle Bachmann says some crazy ass things! Hey Eugene, how’s that make-over of the WaPo working out for ya? No amount of make-up you put on that pig of a paper is going to change its grade-school style hate writing nor the reporting that is void of any facts.

Keith Olbermann uses hateful rhetoric to accuse Glenn Beck of hateful rhetoric. Calls for Beck to apologize. Irony’s head explodes and the remaining Olbermann viewers change the channel. Even though he has left MSNBC, I am sure we will hear from him again, unfortunately.

Bill Maher graces us yet again with his on special brand of liberal wisdom by letting all the ‘teabaggers’ know that “the Founding Fathers would have hated their guts”. Really Bill? Do explain to us how the Founding Fathers who went to war with England to fight for smaller government, states rights, religious freedom, equal representation and low taxes would hate the Tea Party. Oh wait, you think the Tea Party are a bunch of racist, ignorant hill billy white folks who hate black people. Explain it to us, because we all are just so stupid.

Paul Krugman states “We don’t have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was” in his blog article for the New York Times.  Note that the shooting had just started being reported no more than roughly an hour before his blog entry. The one just broke the stupid-o-meter.  Make sure you take down those comments, Paul, the crazies are out in force telling you what a complete asshole you are.

Mike Malloy wants to choke Rush Limbaugh. Mike sure loves Rush. He loves Palin even more. His true love must be Glenn Beck though. Nothing any commentator on the Right has ever said can hold a candle to the hatred, violence and pure blood lust this jackwagon displays every night on his show. Genghis Khan had more tact than he does.

Sheriff Dupnik is now living proof liberals will blame the Conservatives for anything and everything.  Delta House has dubbed you ‘Sheriff Dipstick’, now you and Flounder can go bust into the Dean’s office. You are the gift that keeps on giving and just won’t stop. We thank you and the other idiots out there blaming everything and everyone besides the shooter himself. Now we can pull out the treasure troves of your idiotic quotes we’ve been hoarding. OH SNAP! Someone just told you to shut up.

Stephanie Miller thinks Obama needs a tan because Boehner is darker than him.

Chris Matthews, who thinks Palin is stupid, gives us a geography and history lesson. Apparently the Panama canal is in Egypt. You really can’t make this stuff up, people. Tingling legs aside, Chris, you’re an idiot of mammoth proportions.

Representative Jim Moran (D) must have gone to school with Chris Matthews. Neither of them have a grasp on history.  Not only does he get his civil war history wrong, he paints our country as racist because that is the only thing that can possibly explain the November 2010 election losses. Our country apparently hates blacks, according to Moran. Our President is black so that is why, two years after electing him, the country now has voted out nearly all the democrats from Congress… err something. Wait, what??


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