Tuscon Pep Rally?

The Tucson Memorial: Wellstone revisited?

I blogged as I watched and make no apologies for grammar or syntax. This was free flow writing with little editing.

I am horrified at this “memorial” for the victims. I feel like I am watching a pep rally or campaign rally. What the hell is this?? T-shirts? Branded messaging posters? Cheering and yelling? Great blue Hell, what in the world are all of us watching!? What the hell is this mexican prayer to the four doors and the jackalope thing??

Who the hell organized this disgrace of a service?!

I expected to hear tributes to those who died by hearing ABOUT THEM, not this  blathering by string of people who have NOTHING to do with what happened. Giffords is an important person, but she is still with us thank God. It feels and looks like a who’s who of politics lined up to get their 5 minutes or something. I’m disgusted so I’ll watch a little more, it has to get better.

Brewer is on now. She seems to be the only speaker somewhat on target so far. The crowd is wholly acting inappropriately by clapping and cheering – this is a somber and respectful occasion not a concert or political rally.

Oh Lord, here comes Janet Napolitano to cheers and screams from the crowd as if they were at a rock concert. I am physically feeling ill watching this. Introduced with lines about the need for security in our country. This woman can’t secure a box of girl scout cookies for crying out loud.  Her Bible passage is at least decently chosen; we shall continue on and not give up.

Holder is up. Reading from Corinthians. Oh brother, he picks one about being all-inclusive of all peoples. How transparent. Both he and Napolitano read their pieces with the sincerity of a stone.

Now the segue to Obama speaking I think. The crowd is hooting and screaming whenever his name is mentioned. This is so very inappropriate.  People are actually screaming his name, yelling ‘woo’ and whistling. What is WRONG with these people?I know the President can’t control the behavior of the crowd, but it makes me wonder about the venue choice.

Obama starts with some pretty decent opening remarks but he’s now referencing scripture; awkward transition from remarks to Bible back to remarks. He has chosen a piece from Job. Good choice honestly. He just mentioned Giffords out with her constituents practicing free speech, yet he has remained silent on the attacks by his party and the press on Palin. Wonder if he’ll say more as we move further on. Interesting.

At least he’s attempting to eulogize the dead. Starting with Rolls. The constant applause and cheering from the crowd is still unnerving the hell out of me. It’s just so NOT the time to be acting like Elvis is on stage or something.  He’s saying a small bit about each victim it looks like. Good, I give him credit for that amongst this party of what is supposed to be a memorial service.

Talking about the 9-year-old girl who died. Actually did a nice bit on her and her finding public service an exciting challenge.

Now moving on to talking about the survivors and about his visit to Giffords. The place is now going nuts as he tells us that Giffords opened her eyes for the first time just after he visited her. He’s using the inappropriate cheering and making it useful in this part of his speech which is obviously a last-minute addition.

Obama singles out Hernandez now for being a hero even though he himself thinks he is not. Singling out the men who tackled the gunmen. The crowd is cheering and clapping. Oh, now he’s done it. He’s doing the campaigning voice; almost yelling above the crowd to continue his speech.

Here it comes. I knew it would be in there. No opportunity wasted. The selflessness of the heroes from Saturday and how can we honor the fallen. He’s talking about the “national conversation” taking place because of it. He seems to be rebuking the actions of those who jumped to conclusions but his phrasing is telling.

“Far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who happen to thing differently than we do.” Back handed nod to the witch hunt of Sarah Palin?

“We cannot use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other.” Now there is a sentiment I can get behind. He’s going on about listening to each other and expanding the way we learn from each other.It feels like a build up to something as he’s starting to get into an inspirational, feel good moment perhaps.

Oh no. He did it. He pulled the ‘them’ and ‘us’ bit. I bet the media doesn’t even pick up on that one. “We have to listen to the views that differ from ours.” That’s paraphrased but pretty close. Doesn’t take a genius to see that as a patronizing pat on the head to “We the People” that he lauded only a scant 5 minutes ago. Now this speech is getting a bit long and frankly the uncomfortable rally feel is back.  It looks like he’s wrapping up but he’s thundering up there like a stump speech.  Yep, he’s ended it and the crowd is cheering wildly. I’m shocked no one has thrown confetti frankly.

Well. It looked like he was going to turn the corner on what was arguably a very weird feeling alleged Memorial with no pictures of the dead or wounded, no comments from the families and friend but instead a line of Political officials.

It sure was nice of Obama to invite the victims families to his 2012 Campaign Kick Off.

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