Homeland Insecurity: Ignoring the Mexican Border

This year has seen a resurgence in stories from the southern most border of our country. I am pleased to see it getting more and more media attention; even now the outfits smitten with the Obama Administration are releasing weekly and sometimes daily stories on the happenings there. Illegal immigration over the border from Mexico has been an important topic to me since about the early 90’s.

Most of us do not live right on the border or in the towns closely established to it. The violence and incidents happening there feel far removed from us and we take little note of it as we peruse the newspaper or watch the news with our first cups of coffee in the morning. Lately it is becoming harder to just raise an eyebrow and go about our business without thinking that it sounds like a war is going on at our own border. You would be correct to think that. There is a war on our border and over it on both sides. One that we are losing largely due to our Government flat out ignoring it.

Year after year, the politicians refuse to act and have made Illegal Immigration the new Third Rail in politics. Few have stepped up and voiced their true opinions. Those that have rarely seem to follow up those opinions much less act on them. That was until the Governor of Arizona decided enough was enough. Now those very politicians who have done nothing are leaping into action, but not the kind of action one would think. That action includes suing the State of Arizona, lambasting the Governor and crucifying any law enforcement official who dares actually enforce any law when it comes to Illegal Immigrants. This administration has gone as far as to side with Mexico on the issue, backing the comments of the Mexican President in the Rose Garden this past Spring in condeming Arizona and its ‘misguided law’. A law, I might add, that is based on the Federal Statute of the same purpose.

All the lefty kook groups, the ACLU, California and the countless number of Immigration Rights groups have had their protests, chanted, threatened and boycotted Arizona despite the hypocrisy. The general message from these groups seems to be that everyone has a right to come to the United States and live a better life. It doesn’t make one bit of difference to them if these people who have this ‘right’ to a better life are obtaining it via illegal entry into our country and once inside have exploited our system of entitlement programs to the Nth degree. No, to these groups this is America where everyone is welcome regardless of how they got there. To these groups I pose this scenario to and wonder how many of them would put up with this behavior:

You have a neighbor. He decides your house is nicer than his, so he moves in but brings only drugs and all ten of his closest relatives plus a few gang members to make it an even number. They all move into your home. They eat your food. They wear your clothes. They use your car. One of them even takes your job and steals your social security number with which they register for every single government program and credit card they can. When one of them gets sick, they hit the Emergency Room and give them your name then split before they are asked to pay. When you get upset and ask them to leave and do things legally in their own names, they call you a racist, their gang friends trash your house and beat you within and inch of your life and move into the next house down the street. You call the cops, but they won’t do anything because these people are now gone and to pursue them would be racial profiling.

As additional food for thought, perhaps they should start paying attention to the thousands of Legal American Citizens killed each year by these people just looking for a better life. How many more mass graves over the border is it going to take? How many ranchers have to be shot in the head for us to act? How long until our Welfare system implodes? How many Hospitals need to go bankrupt each year? How many of Al Qaeda’s forces have already crossed? You’d be naive to think small in that last question.  Wake up people. The politicians spending more and more on entitlement programs and more funding for existing ones in Washington is tied to the millions of Illegal Immigrants leeching benefits from them. That is not even taking into account the spending on schools because  of the demand by these illegal populations for bilingual schools, learning materials, street signs, documents, products, doctors etc etc etc…. Nor does it even touch on the cost per anum the states and federal government shell out to cover those illegals we actually have incarcerated or deported.

Don’t flip the channel or turn the page next time you see a story about an illegal who has killed someone or a border down rife with violence.  The border must be secured. Without that any course we take in dealing with those illegals currently here is not only moot, but dangerous. It truly defies logic; what part of ILLEGAL in illegal immigration is confusing to this administration or to all the groups out there protesting on behalf of these people?

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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