First Amendment Terrorists

There is an attack on the First Amendment that has surfaced in the last two years that I find deeply disturbing. It has been initiated by this administration against those citizens or groups of citizens it perceives to be working against their goals.

I submit that this administration is attempting censorship via intimidation tactics. As evidence, I give the following examples which started, in some cases, even before the election was completed. Bear in mind, these are only a select FEW:

Obama’s campaign lawyer, Robert Bauer, warned TV stations against airing a TV ad that was embarrassing to Barack Obama. He went as far as to write letters threatening to pursue criminal suits against them.

There was the ‘Alaskan Mafia’ approach ala Rahm Emmanuel and his friends out of Chicago to taking down Sarah Palin via a deluge of lawsuits, claims and false allegations of a whole range of topics. None of which were accurate and in many cases completely fabricated.

A Chicago radio station aired a program connecting Ayers to Obama in a light the campaign did not like. Within hours the campaign had its supporters inundating the station with obscene calls and in some cases, threats against the host. And so the Obama ‘Truth Squads’ were born across the US. They didn’t even disguise themselves or their blatant intimidation tactics.

We have seen the continuous attack on FOX news by this administration by all members of the executive staff including the president and the shameless use of the White House website to campaign against the news outlet. I don’t think anyone can forget the president calling out FOX news for daring to question his administration in his interview with John Harwood. A theme that he would continue until he made all news programs uncomfortable with his censorship like tone and the clear exclusion of FOX from the media ‘invited’ to particular White House events that should be open to all. What is particularly ironic is the complicity of the “mainstream” media in the original attacks on FOX.

Obama has gone after AZ with a vengeance for daring to do the job he simply won’t. He played the race card inside of the first two days of the AZ law story breaking. Calling the law ‘misguided’ and ‘will inevitably lead to racial profiling’. Nothing works better to drive the direction a topic takes and in attempting to silence someone or a group of someones like calling them racists. Bravo, Mr. President you have earned your troll badge. When that wasn’t gaining enough traction, he sicced Holder on AZ and sued the state. Just to kick more dirt in the already bloodied eye of AZ, this administration had the State Dept file a Human Rights violation report with the United Nations.

Then came the Ground Zero mosque. Here we see the nuts come out of the woodwork and accuse anyone who opposes it of being Islamophobic, UnAmerican or both. It couldn’t possibly be that it is just plainly in bad taste nor has anyone opposing it challenged the constitutional and legal property law right to do it. The race card is sure seeing a lot of playing time. Juxtapose this with the Pastor in Florida who threatened to burn the qu’ran. The hypocrisy of the reaction of the pro-mosquers, alongside this administration, when this Pastor attempted to exercise HIS given constitutional rights was amazing. In fact, I think that stark reality was seen by far more of this nation, and the world for that matter, than the pro-mosquers realized. The pressure brought to bear on this one man by this president and his staff was incredible and also pretty frightening.

The latest example comes on the heels of the Pastor and several marches on Washington over the last few weeks. Pennsylvania’s Homeland security has put an anti-tax protestor group on the terrorist watch list. You can bet your life this was by design and edict from this administration.
Pennsylvania Homeland Security Puts Anti-tax Protesters On List of Terror Threats

Take note people – Your constitutionally protected right to express your opinion is now fully under fire by the government. It is only going to get worse from here and probably a lot more ugly.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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