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LL1885’s Year In Review: December

December is not over yet, but this is a look at the month up to around the 19th when I worked on this post. I will resume my blog break and return sometime in January but the specific date is not yet nailed down. My December posts are here.

Abroad, things were not going so well for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. There continued to be attacks on our bases in Afghanistan. A long-range rocket was launched from North Korea. Obama continued drone strikes in Pakistan. Obama also warned Syria about using chemical weapons.

At home, the scandals for Obama won’t die. Officials involved in Fast and Furious were being moved, demoted, fired or charged with crimes by the DOJ. Benghazigate rolled on despite Obama and Rice’s theatrics. Rice wrote a sob letter to Obama complaining how racist and sexist the GOP was for pointing out that she lied and was an incompetent useful idiot. There, there Susan… the media has your back. Well, then Hillary took a tumble just in time to say she wouldn’t testify, but would send two underlings in her place.

Obamacare was already wasting money on a failed electronic records system. Speaking of Obamacare, the ‘accommodation’ proposal was laughed at in court. No one is laughing at the lack of coverage for kids in the bill.

The TSA blew off hearings the agency was asked to attend claiming Congress had no jurisdiction over them. Obama bypassed Congress again and mandated all cars have black boxes in them by 2014. Holder has the authority to collect dossiers on regular citizens at will now. So, the TSA can stop you anywhere now, the government can track you in your car and the Justice department can collect any information they want about you and anyone else they feel like. Scared yet? If you’re not, well… you can’t fix stupid.

In government, Boehner began purging committees of true Conservatives. Jim DeMint announced he was leaving the Senate to head up the Heritage Foundation. Governor Nikki Haley appointed Tim Scott. The Left immediately showed him how tolerant and inclusive they are. Fauxcahontas was named the Senate Banking committee. Not shocking since 45% of Democrats believe in socialism. Then came the “disparate impact” courtesy of Democrats Sherrod Brown, Sheldon Whitehouse and Bernie Sanders.

Our colleges and universities have been breeding grounds for antisemitism and extreme liberalism for years, nothing has changed.

The worst school shooting in our nation’s history happened in Newtown, Connecticut. 20 small children and 8 adults died at the hands of a disturbed 20 year-old named Adam Lanza.

The media screwed up their reporting of this horrible tragedy from start to finish. The media displayed some ghoulish behavior unlike anything we’ve seen before. It took less than 3 hours for main stream media to start beating their gun control drums while the rest of the nation was still in shock. Vile insults (some of which for the dead) and wait for it… death threats from the Left followed. Only one reporter has had the cajones to call the President out on the carpet about the President’s new-found indignation. Tapper didn’t happen to point out the Obama administration cut the funds for school security programs last year though.

The politicizing of this event became the priority of Democrats, Liberals, Celebrities, Media, Mayors and the President. Much of their rhetoric contain the basic, worn out gun fallacies we’ve heard for a long time – devoid of real facts, meanwhile the American people are more interested in prevention via addressing the mentally ill and adding more police presence. This push for gun control after a shooting is nothing new; the Left does it every time there is a gut wrenching event. Unless it is an ongoing problem with an over 430 death toll count in the strictest gun control city in our nation which also happens to be the President’s hometown. Then it’s ignored.

Conservatives – and law biding Americans in general – aren’t sitting back and taking it this time. We know at the heart of this argument is that the Liberals, Democrats and Left want a total gun ban – what’s more they want gun confiscation. Great, disarm the law biding citizens so the armed criminals and insane can kill us easier. Some Push back:

At Townhall, Let’s have that gun conversation.
Glenn Reynolds writes about the False Sense of Security in Gun Free Zones.
Kira Davis nails it: YOU CAN’T BAN EVIL.
Julie Borowski isn’t letting the Left get away with anything either: Guns do not kill people.

As a mom, my heart is broken for those parents who did not bring home their babies that day from school — SCHOOL…Where they are supposed to be safe and learning. The teachers and staff that attempted to stop the gunman are heroes. They saved lives by buying time for the rest of the school to act and fortify their locations. It is my opinion that these heroes likely could have lived had this school had more of a police presence or a single armed person to respond in kind.

I’d like to close this post with the names from Sandy Hook. Please pray for them and their families.

Charlotte Bacon, 6
Daniel Barden, 7
Olivia Engel, 6
Josephine Gay, 7
Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6
Dylan Hockley, 6
Madeleine F. Hsu, 6
Catherine V. Hubbard, 6
Chase Kowalski, 7
Jesse Lewis, 6
James Mattioli, 6
Grace McDonnell, 7
Emilie Parker, 6
Jack Pinto, 6
Noah Pozner, 6
Caroline Previdi, 6
Jessica Rekos, 6
Aviele Richman, 6
Benjamin Wheeler, 6

Dawn Hochsprung, 47
Rachel Davino, 29
Anne Marie Murphy, 52
Lauren Rousseau, 30
Mary Sherlach, 56
Victoria Soto, 27 Continue reading

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LL1885’s Year In Review: November

November was finally here. Election time. Barack Obama was elected for a second term after many accusations of voter fraud and related incidents in OH, NC, NV, PA, and in MI there were two incidents of voter intimidation.There were also voting machines that only vote Obama and polling place shenanigans. After winning, He promptly hit the golf course. His supporters displayed their typical graciousness. I had decided to take a blog break for the holidays regardless of who won.

Hurricane Sandy was still causing problems and people were still without power. Bloomberg made some really awesome decisions. Residents became very vocal . Very, Very vocal. By he 11th, around 121 had died due to the storm including W. VA candidate John Rose. Sandy was turning into Katrina all over again. One interesting nugget we found out is that electric cars catch fire when wet. Obama campaigned while Romney loaned his bus out and donated $5,000 for supplies.

General Petraeus resigned just days after the election, citing an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. The scandal didn’t stop there as a woman named Jill Kelley was pulled into the mix. Who knew what and when became hot issues. If the administration though this might distract from Benghazi, they were wrong. Obama figured this out and decided it was time to play the race/war on women card called Susan Rice by acting like a thug in his first press conference of the 2nd term. That backfired as the net take away was that he lied and sent her out to lie on purpose.

The October jobs report was pathetic and unemployment was 7.9%. Around 9,000 mining jobs were lost in October. Businesses that had been holding out to see if Romney was elected began their layoffs. There would be a second cluster of layoffs not long after. Business owners pointed to Obamacare for the layoffs and new surcharges. Obamacare wasn’t the only thing killing jobs, so were unions as Hostess was to find out.

In government, the Post Office gave us a preview of how well government runs businesses when it posted its $15.9 billion loss. We could hardly wait for Obamacare to be implemented fully; we were already seeing incredible wasteful spending. The Fiscal Cliff talks weren’t going very well, so instead of working with Congress, Obama went back to campaigning. The President even took off for overseas to avoid his job. Obama also forgot to tell all those students who voted for him that he cut Pell grants right before the election. This administration also was churning out new regulations at the rate of 68 per day.

The Obamacare time bomb would remain intact with the reelection of Obama. The premium hikes Conservatives warned of started to actually show up in the news. GOP governors pushed back and refused to set up exchanges.

Occupy 2.0 was launched. Social justice action groups composed of former ACORN staffers, Union members and Occupiers began pushing workers to walk out on their jobs and to demand a $15 minimum wage. Obama issued a memo detailing a ‘national insider threat’ – given DHS has the Tea Party and not Occupy listed as terror threats, we know who this memo was likely meant for.

Chicago remained violent for the eleventh straight month and the Left and media continued to ignore it. Al Qaeda was alive in the United States. A federal lawsuit exposed fraud at CAIR and the subsequent cover-up.

Larry Hagman passed away.

Internationally, the Obama admin was assisting the UN to push its small arms treaty. Obama kept up with his drone strikes. Tensions between Israel and Palestine heated up after HAMAS launched hundreds of rockets into Israel – one of which targeted Jerusalem. Most of the media showed their usual antisemitic bias in their coverage except for one AP reporter who took the State Department to task. Syrian refugees flooded into Turkey. In Mexico, the drug war death toll rose over 60,000.

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There was no Occupy Summary this month since there was little to nothing to report. Continue reading

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LL1885’s Year In Review: October

October brought us a month closer to the election. Democrats suddenly became believers in voter fraud since the evil GOP might be doing it. The GOP was even paying for votes! Even sons of sitting Representatives were busted attempting to defraud voters. Democrats even went after voter integrity protectors. Romney went to Louisana after hurricane Isaac hit and Obama figured out that was the right thing to do to.

The level of vandalism during this election was out of hand. I mean, SERIOUSLY out of hand. Signs were attacked a lot. The level of stupidity by voters reached all time highs. Gloria Allred tried to throw a wrench into the works and was laughed at. She was no match for Lena Dunham and her creepy voting-sex video. Dunham was laughed at too. Let us not forget the Daily Caller Hampton video and that Team Obama ran on a very mature platform of Big Bird, Binders and Lady Parts. Romney gave an amazing speech at the VMI.

The debates began:

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VP Debate, Interrupted.
Mr Liberty Live Blogs The Hoftra Presidential Debate
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Presidential Debate #3 Linkfest
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The unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% — an election miracle! If only people paid attention to the U6 number instead of the bullshit cooked one. As usual, no one cared Obama promised 5.6% by now because of his stimulus bill. I say cooked because we lost 38,000 manufacturing jobs since August and the only significant drop in unemployment was in government. Disability claims rose to 8,803,335. By the way, 1,035,000 construction jobs were lost under Obama.

The deficit for 2012 was $1.1 trillion — a trillion for the third year in a row. Of course, attacks on defense spending resumed despite its budget being smaller than entitlements by far as well as smaller than education. A new record for Food Stamps at 46,681,833 and welfare hit a trillion in spending. Signs of the Obama economy were ones that said, ‘Going out of Business’.

Gas in California rose above $5 and rationing was employed.

The GM plant making Chevy Volts began to furlough people. Disney bought Lucas Film. Journalists found themselves subpoenaed in the White House Intelligence links case.

Florida schools lowered the bar to the floor and implemented race based discipline as suggested by Obama.

Murders were up 25% in Chicago yet no one seemed to care. The total homicides for the year in Chicago came to 436. Sandusky was sentenced to up to 60 years in prison on 45 counts of child molestation. Violence against Whites was up. The remains of 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway were identified and her murder was arrested.

Despite the President’s belief, Al Qaeda was still alive and actually in Massachussetts. Also, jihad was alive and well in Texas. Meanwhile, in NYC the Muslim Pride parade drew criticism from unlikely places. NYPD was on alert for possible jihad by Iran and Hezbollah. It came out the White House had been considering releasing the Blind Sheik and Omar Khadr. Oh, the Federal Reserve was also a target. No problem though, just issue another EO.

Corruption and cronyism continued. In an effort to shut Univision up over Fast and Furious, Obama appointed the wife of the head of Univision to a US Diplomatic post. Oops, too late. Also, Nancy Pelosi’s brother got his fair share.

The White House was hacked by China. Obama has no problem with child soldiers.

The TSA had its funding cut and collective bargaining effectively cut by the House. Those cuts came just in time as the TSA invaded train stations, bus depots and subways – even searching our cars. Their incompetence was also leaked; as if we needed that with the horror stories coming almost weekly.

George Zimmerman filed suit against NBC for editing the 911 call tape.

Hurricane Sandy hit and as FEMA failed AGAIN, it became known as Superstorm Sandy instead. Despite strong warnings, people died and were unprepared. Obama said, “We leave nobody behind.” Tell that to the men in Benghazi.

Alex Karras passed away.

Over our southern border, charred bodies were found; 33 more bodies later on. North and South Korea postured. In Egypt, they were arresting Christians — Children Christians. Egypt was having problems with the people being ruled by Morsi. Bin Laden was a big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood. Iran fired drones into Israel while Iranians protested and chanted, “Death to America”. But… but.. Obama said he was going to make them love us again!

The Yemen security chief for the US embassy was murdered — Go figure, Al Qaeda was there. Obama’s answer in Yemen? Drones. Of course, more drones in Pakistan too.

There was a Green on Blue attack on UK troops in Afghanistan. Our consulate in India was attacked. Syria became worrisome as Jihadis seized a missile base. Russia looked at the US as weak and pulled out of missile negotiations. Socialized medicine in the UK reached a new height of excellence. We also learned the 911 protests had nothing to do with a video, even in Egypt where they started. Indonesia stopped a plot to bomb the US embassy. In Brussels, the Exxon Mobil chief was assassinated.

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LL1885’s Year In Review: September

In September, our debt hit 16,015,769,788,215.80 . The budget deficit topped $1 trillion for the third time. We saw record breaking numbers like 88,921,000 Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’ and 25,792,000 Unemployed And Underemployed. Manufacturing declined again. The number of Americans on food stamps hit 46.7 million. The number of people enrolling for food stamps was nearly double the number of jobs added. Going by the real unemployment figures – the rate was really 11.7%. Meanwhile at the Democratic National Convention, Obama touts creating 4.5 Million jobs — which may be true but when you factor in how many HE LOST, the net gain is pathetic, as was the declining participation rates.

Obama hit the campaign trail telling us we were better off than we were 4 years ago. We were not better off. Joe Biden continued to play the inappropriate stooge. Obama did no better by hitting venues like the View and The Late Show instead of meeting with world leaders. The media spun things for Obama as fast as they could and made Romney/Ryan look like idiots where possible — even via more deceptive editing, again by NBC. The media did their best for Fauxcahontas too.

We saw #EmptyChairDay (Updates & LinkFest) take off.

Obama’s little amnesty plan saw blowback from 75,000 ICE agents.

Fast and Furious had its first arrest in the death of Agent Terry. More Fast and Furious guns were found in Colombia.

In Chicago, nothing was stopping the violence. Mayor Rahm Emanuel came under fire for his inability to quell it. Emanuel also had to deal with 25,000 teachers going on strike. At the heart of the strike was teacher evaluations. Interesting side note, the President of the teachers union is friendly with the communist party. At least they will all retire well.

Antisemitism was found to be alive and well in New Jersey. It was also alive and well at the Democratic National Convention. The DNC in Charlotte was probably the most appalling public display of racism, hate and antisemitism I’ve witnessed in my lifetime – and the attendees cheered it while booing God. I no longer recognize the Democrat party I was once a member of – they are now something else and it’s frightening.

D’Souza’s 2012: Obama’s America moved into the #2 position ever for a political documentary.

Andy Williams passed away.

DHS was close to finishing its cyber security bill. In Congress, the Buffett rule passed the House. The Obama admin track record on transparency was outstanding.

Robert Spencer penned an article on September 7th called America still the target of 9/11 jihad. We came one step closer to that at home with a Chicago teen attempting Jihad. Abroad on September 11th, we saw assaults on multiple US embassies in the Middle East, the worst being in Benghazi where 4 Americans (including Ambassador Stevens) lost their lives. The attack was an act of terrorism and as if that weren’t bad enough, the Obama administration, after sitting silent through the attacks, went on a tour of lies about what happened there. The administration blamed an obscure YouTube video, when what happened in Benghazi clearly had nothing to do with it from the start. Perhaps if the President attended his intelligence briefings, he would know more – one would think the President would know everything that was going on if his nation were under attack. The events in Libya and the following series of stonewalling, insensitivities, lies, more lies about the lies and coverups would become known as Benghazigate. It is still ongoing. The day the attacks happened, I posted this: Two Paths & Two Embassies Attacked (Updates All Day). I’ve kept up with this story and you can read my archives on it here and here.

Obama forgave $1 billion in Egyptian debt to aid the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi was busy pushing for the end of Israel. A car bomber attacked out Pakistan consulate. Obama continued his drone war and those who protested it under Bush continued their silence. The US under Obama was more popular then ever in the Middle East it would seem from the chanting in Lebanon. Ahmadinejad held court at the UN and called for the annihilation of Israel again.

Our nation saw the worst airpower loss in our military since Vietnam. More green on blue shootings occurred. The media added to it by cutting their coverage of troop deaths.

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LL1885’s Year In Review: August

August was kicked off my Chik-Fil-A Appreciation day. Long lines did not deter people and some fun was poked at liberals in the process. Of course, in true liberal fashion there was a counter-protest which failed on an epic level and they took their frustration out on innocent people. Chik-Fil-A did a huge business that day, much to the chagrin of Adam Smith — more widely known as the Chik-Fil-A drive thru abuser. His apology was unimpressive and patronizing. While Chik-Fil-A stood up to Leftist bullying, August national caved. The Left was pretty frustrated so then came the assault on the Boy Scouts.

The phenomenon of fake hate crimes against homosexuals added one about an assault to a lesbian and another to the list. When someone finally did commit a violent crime, it was in the name of LGBT and not against it, which the media promptly blew off – anyone heard of Floyd Corkins? Bonus: Corkins had 15 Chik-Fil-A sandwiches on him to put on the bodies.

Notable deaths include Phyllis Diller, Michael Clarke Duncan

The RNC held it’s convention in Florida. Code Pink came dressed for disgust. Occupy had a welcoming committee. Protesters showed up the last night of the convention. Despite Hurricane Isaac, the show went on. My coverage: RNC 2012 – Night One, The Friday Focus, RNC – Night Two

Obama sued Ohio over voting laws that allowed military personnel 3 extra days. Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign kept having their attacks on Romney boomerang. Romney chose Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Romney made a wise choice. The Media did their best to make sure no one heard what they had to say. Harry Reid piled on in revolting fashion.

2016: Obama’s America rolled up to #3 at the box office. I saw it and reviewed it. I think D’Souza left out the part about Obama being utterly self-absorbed and total narcissist.

Violence continued across the nation. Wade Michael Page shot up a Sikh Temple, taking 7 lives and was investigated as domestic terrorism. In Chicago, the death toll surpassed 275 in the beginning of the month and near the end of it, I could barely believe the bloodshed. In NYC, a gunman was taken down in front of the Empire state building. Jared Lee Loughner pled guilty. James Holmes was tagged as an Obama donor.

Nevada showed us all how many jobs $1.3 billion in green energy subsidies created. Meanwhile, Obama offered $2 billion in green loans…. to Africa. He also sent a billion to Hamas.Our annual deficit was over a trillion for the third year in a row. Obama’s GM Victory cost taxpayers a $25 billion loss but pals of Obama who “lost” billions went free. Taxamageddon fears began and Obamacare looked poised to unionize 21 million healthcare workers by the time it was fully implemented.

Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, resigned.

GOP filed suit against Holder. The IG was summoned to testify and delivered its fast and furious report.

Our government became very cozy with the Muslim brotherhood both at abroad and at home. DHS launched it’s new amnesty program while refugees from Iraq mainly wreaked havoc and raped people. Plots of jihad on our soil were ignored by the media.

Jobless claims rose and the BLS was full of BS.

Our schools lowered the bar again. Small wonder teachers were helping kids cheat. The cost per student went up – again.

The US women’s gymnastic team took Gold at the Olympics. A boxing ref was expelled for throwing a fight. A Judo participant was also kicked out for drug use.

CNN’s Fareed Zacharia was suspended for plagiarism. MSNBC’s Toure took racism to a whole new low. Jake Tapper noted media is failing this country. No shit, Sherlock. Whoopi Goldberg is an idiot.

Abroad, Obama authorized support for Al Qaeda rebels in Syria. In Mexico, the move to legalize drugs began. After 83,000 murders, Mexico decided they had enough of the decapitations and murder, but not before Americans were wounded. Islam continued to be the religion of peace and tolerance in Pakistan. More Green on Blue attacks in Afghanistan. Jihad came to Russia while some of Pussy Riot escaped arrest. In Bolivia, 2 tons of Uranium was seized.

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