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Wake School Board Retreat Looks At Compensation – Sort Of.

The News and Observer has a rather long article up about teacher recruitment. It discusses teacher supplements quite a bit and includes an embedded link to a presentation used at the most recent Wake School Board retreat. This presentation deals … Continue reading

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Wake School Board District 2 Race – Debt & Tax Issues

It appears that Wake County School Board Candidate for District 2, Monika Johnson Hostler hasn’t been up front with voters. Hostler failed to disclose her debt issues totaling close to $18,000, delinquency in property taxes and her past opinion in the Crystal Mangum/Duke Lacrosse Team case. Continue reading

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Fletcher Returns To Wake County School Board

The Wake County School Board finally made a decision on something. They’ve filled the vacancy on the board left by Debra Goldman.

A past member of the Wake County School Board has been selected to fill Goldman’s empty seat. Fletcher will represent District nine. Fletcher served on the board previously from 1993-2005 and was elected to the board with six of the eight members voting for him. Fletcher will serve out the remainder of Goldman’s term, ending this November.

WNCN Reports: Continue reading

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Will Wake County School Board Turn Nanny?

Schools all over the country rely on fundraising drives to support their sports teams, music activities and more. Many schools opt to raise money through candy sales. Wake County schools are no different, but the School Health Advisory Council has issued a recommendation to the Wake County school board to end the practice.

It is worth noting that the School Health Advisory Council is housed under the Advocates for Health In Action, which has been a large advocate for First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ initiative.

ABC 11 reports: Continue reading

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Wake Cty School Board Goes Over Commission’s Heads

As noted previously, the Wake County School board is noted for its drama. The latest installment includes bypassing the County Board of Commissioners on the issue of school building. Is the board hoping they are going to get a different answer from a body that isn’t in charge of such matters? Apparently.

WRAL reports:

Raleigh, N.C. — Members of the Wake County Board of Education appealed to state lawmakers Monday to keep them in control of area school buildings.

The Wake County Board of Commissioners has asked the General Assembly to transfer control of the school buildings and land to them from the school board. The commissioners maintain that they would be more fiscally responsible in operating the assets and that the shift would allow the school board to concentrate on policy and curriculum.

There is video at the link of School Board head, Keith Sutton. The board is calling this a ‘partisan power grab’, which is ironic since the school board’s ousting of Tony Tata was very obviously partisan.

A Question:

Mr. Sutton? School Board?Did this little show of going over the head of the Commissioners help you to find a solution?

An Answer: No. If anything, it likely entrenched the Board of Commissioners and reiterated their point that the school board lacks the ability to do even the most basic job without turning it into a media show. They lack leadership and it is by their own doing. Continue reading

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