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Breaking: Campaign Officials In NC Encourage Illegals To Vote (VIDEO)

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have hit North Carolina. Looks like Scowlfield was right, but I bet he didn’t see this coming:

Multiple NC Campaign Workers Willing to Aid Non-Citizen With Felony Kay Hagan Vote http://t.co/MDpskix2Qa #ncsen #voterfraud

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) October 30, 2014

Video Link and description:

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Voter Fraud IS Voter Suppression

Today’s article from WWNC’s Pete Kaliner rebutting Voter ID talking points from Democrats and the Left was a thing of beauty. In a nutshell: Succinct.

It would be hard to pick a favorite part, but this might be it:

CLAIM: “Ok, so there’s ONE case. But it’s not widespread.”

RESPONSE: We actually have no idea how widespread it is. The story I posted above is from October 2012. However, the attempted fraud occurred a year prior. Look how long it took to investigate and prosecute a case involving an elected official in a race decided by three votes. Simply put, resources are not devoted to investigating and prosecuting voter fraud. It’s hard to find what you’re not even looking for.

This is the same argument I made against WRAL and their use of Moral Monday arrestees as proof the crowds were made of in-state residents. We now know that clearly was not the case, but the argument is convenient and tidy. Continue reading

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#NC Alleged Voter Fraud – Jim Turner, NC BOE Answers

A ton of people know who Jim Turner is now.

I am sure I was not the only one who emailed the NC Board of Elections, inquiring that one Jim Turner be investigated for potentially having voted multiple times during early voting in North Carolina.

Close up of his comment:

Turner doesn’t even think his comment, true or not, had anything wrong with it:

Indeed, I was not the only one to follow up with the Board of elections. They were apparently overwhelmed. I did receive this answer though:

“We are aware of this claim of multiple voting posted on Facebook. We share your concerns. A preliminary investigation found that this claim is without merit, but we are continuing our investigation of this matter. This claim has been referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities.”


It would seem he intended to cause a stir and he succeeded. Continue reading

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The Morning Links (11/5/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today? Site of the Day:  The Daily Caller LL 1885′s Picks: Chart of the Day: Yo, Johnson — How’s that “Great Society” workin’ out for ya? Jobs report: 171,000 Jobs … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (11/2/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: DC Trawler | The Daily Caller
LL 1885′s Picks:

Be vigilant: Voter Machine in Las Vegas Auto-Checking Obama
VIDEO: Eyewitness of Somali Muslim voter fraud in OHIO by Obama camp Related: UN will be pushing more (a lot more!) Somali refugees our way in 2010
Sicko: Naughty Bob Menendez Stiffed Hookers after Easter Tricks in Dominican Republic Flashback: Menendez Says Secret Service Agents Should Be Fired if Reports are True
Green Fail: $1.6 million in electric cars burn after Hurricane Sandy
Calming the rabid liberals: Mitt Romney offers answer on his FEMA stance Related: New York state asks Washington to cover all storm costs
Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings: “Quite Possible” Hurricane Sandy Will Result In More Votes For Obama
Hey, remember this?: Democrats Introduce Bill to Seal Up Obama’s Presidential Records

Must Reads Of The Day: BENGHAZI

Exclusive: Classified cable warned consulate couldn’t withstand ‘coordinated attack’
FAST AND FURIOUS IN BENGHAZI: Timing of Attack Hints at Double-Cross of White House Gun-Running Operation by Turkey
Obama ‘Has Not Participated in the Investigation’ of Benghazi Armed Services Republicans to White House: Show us the Orders.
5 Serious Questions On Smoking Gun Benghazi Cable That Deserve Answers Libya storyline still crumbling
US drone over final battle in Benghazi?
Ambassador Chris Stevens Called Out for Help When Consulate Came Under Attack on 9-11 – YouTube
Gingrich: Senator told me networks may have White House emails commanding counterterrorism group to stand down on Benghazi rescue
President Obama Should Resign Over Benghazi

Election 2012:

Clear Eyes and Full Hearts… In COLORADO.
Romney thinks appointing a “Secretary of Business” is dumb
Romney sickens liberals by donating $5,000 worth of goods to storm victims
Ohio Student Arrested; Told Class He Wanted to Shoot Mitt Romney
Biden In FL Cites Cleveland Plain Dealer, “One Of The Major Newspapers In This State”
Big Bird???

Election 2012 Videos

Five Days
Secretary of Business
Bill’s BBQ – Closes after 82 years.
Ohio, You’re the Deciding Vote
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts – Ohio
Let’s Win This One For America

Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

Three Reasons U.S. Drone Policy Is Really Freakin’ Scary
CAIR Banquet features Imam with Ties to Hamas
CBS’ Amazing Race gays follow sharia, fearing literal elimination
Muslim Brotherhood role in GCC to be debated at summit
CIA hosts training by Muslim Brotherhood leader at Langley HQ
Graphic Image warning – BERLIN: Try to leave your Muslim boyfriend and get your nose and breasts cut off
Arrested “El Che” presumed lieutenant of “El Chapo” in Chihuahua

Wait, what?:

“Conservativism Is Calling” (video)
Facebook Claims “Accidental Mistake” in Censoring Navy SEALS
Watch The Hope & The Change online
Video: Children born out of rape stand with Richard Mourdock and his views on abortion
Former Middle School Employee Pleads Guilty in Texas to Production and Distribution of Child Pornography

The New Tone & New Media:

Happy Birthday (11/1) to Misfit Politics! Video: Our First Birthday
Chelsea Handler laughs about her abortion with Conan O’Brien
PJTV: ZoNation: Black Conservatives Are Not Sellouts!
The Voting Dead
Gay Left-Wing Radio Host Advises Gay Romney Supporter to Commit Suicide, Says He Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

Laugh or Cry – The Videos of the Day:

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo1ERqbyTIE&feature=em-uploademail-new] Continue reading

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