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How DARE Gov. McCrory….

How dare Governor McCrory meet the demand of raising teacher starting pay in NC?
I mean, jeez — who does this guy think he is by actually fulfilling a request that has been harped on by multiple (and some anonymously backed) teacher pay ‘advocacy’ groups? Continue reading

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McCory on NC Spin: Medicaid, Unemployment and Common Core

Governor McCrory was on NCspin recently. The conversation covered a number of topics from unemployment to medicaid to education.

McCrory opened up the conversation by stating that when he came in North Carolina was in a crisis with the 3rd largest unemployment rate in the country, NC owed the federal government $2.6 billion due to unemployment and over-runs on medicaid were over $500 million. He also added NC was in the top 5 for unemployment and a year later, we are not even in the top 25. Moral Monday slamming NC as having “regressive policies” for business clearly taking a hit. Continue reading

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UPDATED – About That N&O Gambling Money Story…

North Carolina has been treated to yet another edition of ‘Name no Democrats’ by N&O’s Biesecker. Only mentioning the top GOP players in a story is becoming a regular event, especially if they are running for the Senate. It really fits the ‘slam, eviscerate and cripple’ pattern we’ve come to know all too well. In fact, it would appear that Biesecker’s story is pretty damn close to the big bullet points of this Democracy NC memo, which is a group tied to BluePrint NC.

I suppose anything that draws attention away from the pummeling Hagan is taking over her 24 Obamacare lies is a good thing in the mind of Democrats — even a story that broke around 6 months ago or so and is now being recycled and includes some of their own ‘best and brightest’.

I’ve included the whole list of names further down, because, you know, Biesecker didn’t include that in his report. Maybe because he didn’t want you to see the ratio. 36 were Republicans and 24 were Democrats, yet Biesecker only wrote about the Republicans. Continue reading

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#BlueprintNC Mondays Losing Steam… But Not Caskets?

This was Moral Monday 18. This one was a “Youth” led event complaining about SB 589 also known as VIVA. The turn out was the biggest event ever! About two dozen turned out from the looks of the ABC 11 shot:

#MoralMonday 18 underway at Baptist church on Wilmington #NAACP #ABC11 pic.twitter.com/qzISocX73o

— AngelicaAlvarezABC11 (@AlvarezABC11) September 16, 2013

Protest Fatigue or have they worn out their welcome like Occupy? Maybe both.
I found two live streams of the event and both kept the camera zoomed in on the speaker. When they did pan, all 3 or so dozen people were clapping wildly and I am including the throng around the podium in that assessment. (Stream 1, Stream 2)

By the way, Reverend Barber got up last and went on to talk about the Birmingham bombing. Barber went on to say that the blood of those 4 girls who were murdered in Birmingham 50 years ago was now on the hands of the members of the NCGA, Speaker Tillis and Governor McCrory. Continue reading

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PPP Flawed Methodology Not A Bug, But A Feature?

In my travels this morning, I spied an article at New Republic about Public Policy Polling entitled, There’s Something Wrong With America’s Premier Liberal Pollster – The problem with PPP’s methodology. The article points out that PPP has been deleting questions to avoid criticism, following no consistent methodology, bad sampling and, in essence, weighting questions to get the results they like.
Excerpts with emphasis added:

After examining PPP’s polls from 2012 and conducting a lengthy exchange with PPP’s director, I’ve found that PPP withheld controversial elements of its methodology, to the extent it even has one, and treated its data inconsistently….. Continue reading

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