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#DM7 Article: #Obamacare Coverage: “Play the game” (aka lie)

This is a reposting of my most recent Magnificent 7 article at Da Tech Guy Blog:

#Obamacare Coverage: “Play the game” (aka lie)


By A.P. Dillon

My fellow Magnificent 7 writer, Linda Szugyi, started the week at Da Tech Guy with an article called Peas in a pod which briefly talked about how spam filters have saved all of our inboxes from blowing up and then moved into one that didn’t get caught in the spam filter: An Obamacare advertisement.

The Peas in a pod article goes on to talk about how the ad is a scam and well, so is Obamacare. This is the perfect segue for my article today, which is about yet another Obamacare scam problem. That problem is job changes, tax implications and how Obamacare and the IRS handle that. Or rather, how the IRS and Obamacare don’t handle it. Continue reading

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Huge Hog In Bertie County

I don’t know how many of you remember a story I wrote last October about the pig population exploding? Large hog sightings? If not, it’s pretty short and you can catch up on it here: Holy Oink, Batman: The Wild Pig Epidemic

Well, via Carolina Plott Hound I saw this story about a man named Jeff Webb who was hunting in Bertie county and who took down a MONSTER pig.
Keep reading to see the image…. Continue reading

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CCSSO President Atkinson Starts Campaigning Early

NC State Superintendent and President of the CCSSO Dr. June Atkinson recently spent time speaking to the Carteret County Democrat party. Atkinson assaulted the current legislature for teacher pay while conveniently leaving out the role both she and former Governor Perdue played in freezing teacher pay in the first place.

Despite having the highest graduation rate in the history of the state, North Carolina’s public education system needs support to survive the recent wave of changes enacted by the General Assembly, State Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson said on Saturday to county Democrats. Continue reading

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#DM7: Re: Oh THOSE Abuse Cases….

My latest went up at Da Tech Guy: Re: About Those Abuse Cases


On Monday, DaTechGuy wrote about the sexual abuse cases taking place in schools as highlighted by Stacy McCain:

Lately Stacy McCain has been doing a large series on sexual criminals. Yesterday he focused on Teachers

If you pay attention to the news, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that America’s public schools are staffed by sex-crazed perverts

It’s not his first dive into these waters but this time Glenn Reynolds linked with the line:

Obviously, we need to end mandatory celibacy and let high school teachers marry.

Now this is a story we’ve been covering for a while, but as we’ve also had a real bump in readership in 2013 & 2014 so for new readers at DaTechGuy Blog let me acquaint you with some stories we covered and & posts we did that you might have missed on this subject over the years:

The Guardian April 29th 2010 Continue reading

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McIntyre (D- NC 07) To Retire

The news came last night, Mike McIntyre won’t be running again.

Earthquake in #NCPol MT @politico #Breaking: Democratic Reps. Mike McIntyre (N.C.) … retiring, according to multiple Democratic sources.

— Clark Riemer (@clarkriemer) January 8, 2014

Might be just as well, because he barely beat Rouzer before the Obamacare trainwreck hit back in 2012. That race was pretty expensive (5th in the nation) and was so close Rouzer asked for a recount. McIntyre emerged and won by 654 votes. It’s doubtful McIntyre wants to repeat that and be on the losing end – especially since according to OpenSecrets.org, it seems like the money faucet has turned off for him in the last year. Continue reading

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