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NC Bill ” Magistrates Recusal of Civil Ceremonies.”

Arguably a reaction to North Carolina’s Amendment One being overturned?

“Magistrates Recusal of Civil Ceremonies.”

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#DM7 Article: Virginia Homeschooling and Religious Affiliation

This is a reposting of my weekly column at Da Tech Guy: Virginia Homeschooling and Religious Affiliation By A.P. Dillon Last week, I highlighted an article that appeared in the NY Times that called into question the fundamental right to homeschool. The NY … Continue reading

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1-16-15 NC Common Core Commission Meeting

Yesterday, the NC Common Core Commission, known as the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC), met. The meeting location was changed. The meeting was held in the State Board of Education board room at the Department of Public Instruction so the meeting could finally be live streamed. Apparently, the Department of Administration was unable to live stream.

I was at the meeting and tweeted throughout the meeting. You can see my tweet timeline in the Storify article, NC Common Core #ASRC Meeting – 1/16/15.

Meeting Highlights


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CASE 21 Tests In NC

Parents in various areas of North Carolina will have children facing the CASE 21 test in the coming weeks. My own child, a second grader, will be required to take this ‘benchmarking’ test.

I was unaware up until I saw a small comment on my child’s homework that CASE 21 was given to my child’s class the following week. State Board of Education members I spoke with about the test were also surprised this was being given in second grade.

Being the busy-body I am, I emailed our school with a list of questions and concerns

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That Koch Smear Campaign Worked!

This story was hyped up at a time when the new and controversial framework for Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) was going on. Go figure.

Well, that smear-fest appeared to have worked.

Alternate Title: DPI’s coordinated smear campaign to get their way on US History worked. http://t.co/r3N0iTFByx #nced #ncdpi #ncpol #ncga

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) January 8, 2015

From the N&O article, emphasis added:

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