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NC Tax Plan Is So Bad, Democrats Are Copying It. #MoralMonday Hardest Hit.

To hear Moral Monday disciples tell it, our state is the most regressive, most evil, most backwards and greedy state… EVAH!   Yeah, things sure are dire here in the Tarheel state. A few days ago, our state became the 9th state … Continue reading

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We Track Teacher Turnover, Perhaps We Should Track DPI Turnover Too. – #NCed

Administrative bloat in K-12 systems across the nation has been incredible. Federal grants have created positions within K-12 systems that have often resulted in staff being shifted or absorbed by various departments of public education in the states.

This staffing bloat then becomes a burden on state education budgets. Such is the case with North Carolina. Continue reading

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Report: 44 Syrian Refugees Already Here, Possible 270 More Coming – #ncpol

Dan Way at Carolina Journal notes that 44 Syrian refugees are already in North Carolina, with a potential 270 more to come:

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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