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Wake County Man Fires Back at News & Observer For Common Core Smears

The News and Observer (N&O) recently published a staff Op-Ed taking aim at the opposition to Common Core after the last NC General Assembly Common Core LRC meeting. The N&O’s article was little more than a set of smears on those who spoke out at the meeting. The clear intent of that editorial was to make opposition to Common Core look like a bunch of conspiracy theory or religious nuts. We are not.

You can read my take-down of the N&O’s hit piece here:

@NewsObserver Pens Cherry Picking, Outlandish Op-Ed Attacking Common Core Opposition

The following is a letter I received and was given permission to publish here on the blog. It was sent to multiple parties involved in the ongoing controversy surrounding The Common Core State Standards in North Carolina. It was also sent to the N&O, however I have not seen it published yet. If it is, I will link it here.
I’d like to thank Mr. Bruno for sharing this with me and allowing me to post it on the blog.

The letter is as follows, unedited and in full: Continue reading

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@NewsObserver Pens Cherry Picking, Outlandish Op-Ed Attacking Common Core Opposition

Media bias is so fun, especially from an anonymously penned Op-ed the News and Obscurer Observer. The media in NC is no friend to those opposing Common Core. At every public forum, you’re going to get a few speakers who are not representative of the whole, however their concerns shouldn’t be cherry-picked and mocked as they are in this Op-Ed. Right now, N&O has this smear job nonsense up:
Common Core opponents hurt their credibility with outlandish claims

It opens with:

Really? The Common Core State Standards for public schools will lead children and the nation toward communism? The standards promote abortion and feminism?

Go ahead, read the rest. It’s short, but my response won’t be. Continue reading

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Wake School Board Retreat Looks At Compensation – Sort Of.

The News and Observer has a rather long article up about teacher recruitment. It discusses teacher supplements quite a bit and includes an embedded link to a presentation used at the most recent Wake School Board retreat. This presentation deals … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Teacher Pay Article

I doubt there is anyone in North Carolina who doesn’t know that teachers are dissatisfied with their pay, yet local media continues to write about it almost daily with a long string of regurgitated statistics, none of which are ever explained, linked to or given context.

Anyway, News and Observer has just such a piece up today, entitled, Teachers’ jobs are getting harder. Miraculously, the lengthy article fails to mention Common Core a single time as contributing to the increase in teacher workload. Amazing. Continue reading

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3rd Local Media Outlet Ignores Goodmon/Blueprint NC Connection

The hole Blueprint NC has dug for themselves just got a little deeper. The Director, Sean Kosofsky, has made an attempt to distance himself from the memo. Kosofsky appears to be wildly finger-pointing in any direction but that of him and his organization and stops short of claiming a ‘vast Right Wing conspiracy’:

“On Friday, however, he said Blueprint did not pass on the controversial three-page draft. He suggested it was appended to the other documents by someone hoping to tarnish his organization.” (Raleigh N&O)

From the Raleigh News and Observer: Head of Blueprint North Carolina denies his group sent memo plotting attacks on Republicans

The head of a Raleigh nonprofit group on Friday sought to distance his group from a memo laying out ways liberals could attack Gov. Pat McCrory and other Republican leaders.

Sean Kosofsky, executive director of Blueprint North Carolina, said he misunderstood a reporter’s questions on Thursday about documents emailed by Blueprint’s former communications director to the group’s partners.

he documents, obtained by the Observer from another source, included talking points for progressive policy positions and an issues poll. It also appeared to include three pages of a draft strategy that called for weakening Republican legislators by “crippling their leaders” and working to “weaken their ability to govern.”

Kosofsky said on Thursday that the documents, some from other groups, were emailed to supporters by Blueprint.

On Friday, however, he said Blueprint did not pass on the controversial three-page draft. He suggested it was appended to the other documents by someone hoping to tarnish his organization.

“I misunderstood,” he said Friday. “This is just a bunch of confusion. I think someone has an agenda to deceive people about the connection between these things. … There are things said in there that I might even agree with, but it’s just not us.”

He said the three-page draft was circulated in December at a meeting of more than 50 progressive groups. He’s not sure who drafted it.

The article goes on to mention the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and the big chunk of money they give Blueprint NC, but makes no mention of the local media mogul and his AJ Fletcher Foundation that has also sent Blueprint NC funding– Jim Goodmon, owner of WRAL.

This morning, ABC11′s story on Blueprint NC also left out the connection. I tweeted to the author of the story, Jon Camp, questioning the omission:

@abc11joncamp Really light on the details links to external docs aren’t ya? How about @wral connection to funding? abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?sec…

— LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) February 23, 2013

I also tweeted to the News and Observer asking a similar question. I will update this post with any responses I receive from any local media entities I have contacted about the story. As of yet, WRAL has still not responded.

Read prior/related Blueprint NC posts:

@WRAL Silent On Internal Link To Blueprint NC’s Attack Memo

Liberal NC Non-Profit Group’s Attack Memo Leaked

Something is Rotten in NC… Blueprint NC, that is. Continue reading

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