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NC Education Protest Group Less Of A Mystery

Over the last 6 months, I’ve attempted to track a protest group named Aim Higher NC. Little public information is available, as the NC Secretary of State only has a name reservation on file for them. Aim Higher has refused to name who funds and runs them. I inquired with NCAE and Organize2020, both said they were not behind the group, which may be technically true, but they are indeed supplying help and resources to Aim Higher. So is Progress NC – in fact, after looking at a recent email from Aim Higher, Progress NC appears to be very involved. Related Read:@AimHigherNC Still A Mystery

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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@NCAE To Join Occupy Monday’s “Day of Action”

Just what does the NCAE do with teacher dues? Join ‘days of action’ with far Left groups who get media attention by getting arrested maybe? This letter from the NCAE below looks like political activity, not teacher advocacy. In fact, that’s exactly what it is only Larry calls it “education activism”.

Workshops and skills training? Like what? Chanting and holding signs? Learning how to alienate more and more parents with vitriolic antics?

Hey, at least this time they aren’t pulling a day of action in our schools right? Shocked they sent this instead of their protest arm, Organize2020. Continue reading

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UNCW Takes Another Stab At Teacher Pay Survey

Remember that skewed, unscientific “survey” from UNCW? Well, if at first you don’t succeed with your push poll survey, try and try again. This time, the NCAE is pushing it. This one is clearly geared towards teachers, judging by the questions. It’s distribution method is about as sound as the first one by Imig and Smith.
The image below is via Facebook, which is of course where scientific surveys start, right? Continue reading

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NCAE Chooses Union Organizer As New Director

The North Carolina Association of Educators already acts like a union, even if it isn’t officially one. Now they have an Executive Director to reinforce that image. Welcome Rachelle Johnson from Ohio.

The N&O article with the announcement of this addition is behind their pay wall is short and N&O only mentioned she worked for the Ohio Education Association. Johnson is, of course, friendly with the NEA a part of her work at OEA. Here is Johnson canvasing for the NEA in 2011. The N&O also didn’t mention Ms. Johnson’s large compensation figures. Continue reading

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WCPSS Encouraged Walk-In Event?

Hey, remember the “Walk-In” the NCAE tried to claim wasn’t their’s but instead an initiative by their new member-led, union wanting caucus, Organize2020? Schools across the state and in Wake County were going to hold protest events during school hours and in one case, an elementary was asking for volunteers to staff classrooms while teachers participated. That was at Lacy Elementary. My FOIA request was completed… read more. Continue reading

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