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Hypocrite Hagan’s Claim Boomerangs

Hypocrite Hagan is at it again.  This woman seems to be incapable of running a campaign where her claims are either proven false or boomerang back on her. Right now, we’ve got a boomerang. Hagan’s attempting to cry foul on Thom … Continue reading

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Video Stalker American Bridge Hits NC Candidate

*This is a reposting of my weekly column at DaTechGuy Blog.*

By A.P. Dillon

I’ve just gotten back from the Common Core call to action event, We Will Not Conform and my inbox has exploded. While I want to write about that experience in this article, I’m stepping away from it for a moment to write about something else. If you want to catch up on the We Will Not Conform, hit my personal blog.

In this article I’d like to touch on American Bridge and their stalker-like videos.
Taking a video of a politician leaving a fundraiser isn’t necessarily creepy in and of itself. It’s having an outfit like American Bridge dedicated to basically stalking those they politically disagree with that seems to take this to a stalker-like level. Congrats David Brock, you’re American Bridge project is the politics equivalent of the bottom-feeding celebrity paparazzi.

American Bridge has hit Speaker of the NC House, Thom Tillis with one of their videos. Tillis is running against Democrat Kay Hagan. Of course, one of the most Left leaning/BlueprintNC friendly outfits in NC is promoting the American Bridge piece.

Here is a snippet from the email below- by the way, nice typos guys! Might want to spell check next time. I’ve bolded them so you can take note. Continue reading

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Hagan’s Mississippi Money

The American Spectator has an interesting article up about the antics going on in Mississippi which highlights the group ‘Mississippi Conservatives’ giving money to Democrats. It appears a lot of money in fact and to key vulnerable Democrats. Of note in the story is NC’s biggest complainer about ‘outside’ and ‘dark’ money, Kay Hagan.

Relevant section below, but read the whole thing at American Spectator: Continue reading

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Progress NC Action Pushes Mystery Group Petition

Well, after months of asking who is behind the education protest group Aim Higher NC, we might have a hint. Progress NC Action is promoting this Aim Higher petition in an email.

No matter what the legislature or Governor does, the Left in NC is going to continue to use Education like a ramming shield. This includes Kay Hagan. I sense coordination of messaging here.

Here’s the email, note the political language in the push for new ‘representation’ in the last line below. Continue reading

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Another “World Class” Lie From Hagan #NCsen

Kay Hagan told the Lie of The Year 24 times. She’s easily lied by omission just as many — that includes her silence on our veterans. In 2008, Hagan promised a “world class” healthcare system for our veterans. Looks like we can call that promise a “world class” lie. A lie she repeated just this year.
Hagan is scrambling for any cover she can get these days and dodging questions from reporters.

“Hagan’s meeting Monday was closed to the media and staffers said she did not intend to speak to reporters afterwards.” Source: WTVD Continue reading

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