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CCSSO President/NC Superintendent Elect To Become Longest Serving Educrat

NC’s Superintendent who is also the confirmed new CCSSO President is about to become the longest termed Superintendent in the country. Atkinson was CCSSO President-elect up until the 14th of November.

According to @StateEdWatch, @DrJuneAtkinson soon to become nation’s longest tenured state K-12 chief. http://t.co/NQ9bFyO13z

— JC Considine (@ConsidineJC) November 14, 2014

According to @StateEdWatch, @DrJuneAtkinson soon to become nation’s longest tenured state K-12 chief. http://t.co/NQ9bFyO13z

— JC Considine (@ConsidineJC) November 14, 2014

That’s a lot of political dodging and weaving to stay in the top Educrat spot in NC, but for how much longer? Speculations are Atkinson won’t run in 2016. I think it would be a fair assessment that Dr. Atkinson is in education the equivalent of a career politician. Given her significant role in bringing Common Core to North Carolina and the subsequent firestorm, perhaps she’ll be heading to a cushy Gates-tied job like former Governor Perdue. Continue reading

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CCSSO President Elect Compares Common Core To Clothing

CCSSO President Elect and NC Superintendent doth protest too much.

It seems she believes that our kids education should be personalized standardized .
Just like clothes. Wait, what??


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NC DPI Gave Media Outlet Private Charter School Information

Another day, another political agenda item pushed by NC DPI and Superintendent Atkinson.

First, flashback to April, 2014 via Charlotte Observer:

“Charter schools are set up and organized as public schools. Therefore I believe salaries are to be open to the public for review,” state Superintendent June Atkinson said Monday.

Atkinson said that when the N.C. Department of Public Instruction said in March that charter salaries are not subject to public disclosure, “our attorneys misunderstood the question.”

Now flash forward.


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NC State Senator Questions #APUSH

North Carolina State Senator Jerry Tillman is questioning the new AP U.S. History (APUSH) framework. (See Tillman’s Newsletter snippet below the fold.)

scG-coleman-unqualifiedHe is wise to do so. APUSH went from a 5 page framework to a 95 page one, which largely marginalizes early U.S. History in favor of a Leftist Global view and includes the theme that America is not exceptional. This new framework totally undermines the teaching of U.S. History both nationwide and in North Carolina. This new framework is led by Common Core architect, David Coleman.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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NC State Superintendent Spins Changing Testing Scoring System (Video)

Spin, June. Spin.

Atkinson says it was to make information more “granular”. Come again?
Tammy Howard reiterates and says the system gives more information to teachers. Really?

Both Atkinson and Howard manage to not to mention Common Core a single time. Common Core is supposed to be high reaching, but yet we have DPI moving the goal posts.

Folks, Common Core is the reason they changed the scoring after last year’s disastrous EOC’s. By changing the scoring system, no one can compare them to last year and that is the whole point — not more “granular” information.



Hit the post, read more and see the video. Continue reading

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