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CCSSO President Elect Atkinson Tips Her Common Core Hand?

NC State Superintendent and CCSSO President Elect, June Atkinson, went on local politicalAtkinsonPresElect show NC SPIN to talk about “the move away” from Common Core. In the interview, the same talking points are recycled yet again. It was far easier to do with a host practically feeding her lines — It was almost embarrassing to watch.

Narratives of the interview:

Disruption and constant change
Money we’ve already spent/cost (see my note below the full video clip)
Hey, haven’t we heard these same narratives recently? Yep.

Atkinson’s remarks about “faith” in the State Board of Education take on new meaning — Did Dr. Atkinson just tip her hand? It looks like it, read more…. Continue reading

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About That Textbook Commission

Our Governor almost has more Democrats working for him these days than Bev Perdue did.
I’ve already pointed out his Democrat education advisers, now I’m talking about the textbook commission. It is important to note that these appointments come by the recommendation of the NC State Superintendent — June Atkinson. The chairman of this commission is subject to her approval.
Out of a total of 22 appointments, the Governor has increased the number of Democrats in place that his predecessor had to 12. He kept most of the prior commission members in place however this commission is one person less than the 2010-2014 commission.

Dr. Terry Stoops at John Locke had the count at 4 Republican, 11 Democrat, 3 Unaffiliated and 4 no party information available. I have a different count of 6 Republican, 12 Democrat, 3 unaffiliated and 1 with no party information available. A side-by-side comparison of the two commissions can be viewed here.
The discrepancy may be because it would seem the same people serving on the 2010-14 commission have shifted the county listed by their name in the Governor’s press release. I’ve captured both and using the NC Board of Elections voter look up tool, was able to track down a few of those missing party affiliation.
It is important to note that in the new additions we now have Rodney Trice, the Director of Wake County’s “Equity Affairs” office. Other changes include the loss of Sanguine (R), Cox (U), Pearce (R). Additions include Novey (U) and Trice (D).

A word to parents Continue reading

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Pat McCrory Shifting On Common Core?

Governors in states surrounding North Carolina and across the country have all realized what a mess Common Core is.

Governor Pence dumped it.
Governor Haley got rid of it.
Governor Fallin got rid of it.
Governor Nixon has just to sign to be rid of it.
Governor Jindal is making moves to drop it.
Governor Haslam made the first move to stop it by dropping the PARCC tests.
Governor Cuomo has a full on insurrection of moms in NY; in time, likely they will dump it.

Also worth noting:
The Republican National Committee has a resolution opposing it.
The U.S. Congress has a resolution opposing it.

Our state of NC has a conference committee hammering out the details between SB 812 and HB 1061. The end result will be a commission to replace Common Core and create higher standards for North Carolina, the removal of a copyrighted brand name from our statutes, the restoration of educational sovereignty to our state and the return of a true education to our students. Having said that, the question remains:
Is North Carolina’s Governor McCrory coming around finally?

The answer? Maybe so. Continue reading

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McCrory And Tillis Offer Teacher Pay Raise; Keep Tenure

Yesterday, Governor McCrory and Speaker of the House Thom Tillis held a press conference to announce alterations to their original Teacher Pay Plan. This new plan will be part of a new bill.

“There will be no teacher in the state who, in a couple years, if they follow our plan, will make less than $35,000 a year,” McCrory said.

The governor said teachers would get paid more for having master’s degrees and schools would get more money for textbooks, which is a growing problem in the state. A new pilot program would also be set up which would award teachers based on experience, leadership, performance, and market value.

“All these things can happen without sacrificing 4,000 to 6,000 teachers’ assistants, without sacrificing Medicaid,” McCrory said. “We can also do this while meeting the educational needs to pre-k, colleges, and universities.” – ABC 11

So, in essence, all the changes made in the past year are now gone.

The new plan will give teachers at 5% raise, allow them to keep tenure and includes keeping teacher assistants. Tillis added that the Education lottery funds are not needed to support the proposed bill. On hand was NC Superintendent and CCSSO President Elect, June Atkinson. Apparently, this has her blessing yet was quoted by ABC 11 as saying it was ‘not nearly enough’. That figured, right? The Governor would do well to get rid of Common Core if he intends to keep this promise — the costs to NC for keeping and implementing it are estimated at over $640 million for just the first five years. That does not include testing.

Watch the clip from the press conference via News and Observer on YouTube: Continue reading

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News and Observer’s John Frank Can’t Get Common Core Stories Right

Another day, another News and Observer Common Core fiasco. John Frank has gotten really skilled at regurgitating talking points instead of actual reporting. I could pick this latest attempt down line by line, but frankly I don’t have the time to waste. I will hit highlights instead. This section bothered me: Continue reading

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